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Pregnant Black Woman Eating Ice Cream In Car Cuffed at Gunpoint After Anonymous 911 Call: ‘What Am I Doing Wrong?’

An Indiana police department defended the actions of officers who handcuffed a pregnant woman after receiving an anonymous tip.

The incident occurred on the evening of Monday, July 27, in the parking lot of a G.D. Ritzy’s location in Evansville, reported Courier & Press. La’Tasha Tyler was sitting in her car eating ice cream because indoor dining was closed. The Evansville Police Department was called to the scene after an anonymous caller told the dispatcher a woman pointed a gun at another woman. EPD released 911 audio and body camera footage of the officers’ interaction with Tyler on Tuesday.

La’Tasha Tyler (above) was sitting in her car eating ice cream when she was approached by Evansville Police officers who were responding to a tip about a fight between two Black women. (Photos: Evansville Police Department screenshots)

When the police arrived, Tyler was the only woman there. She was ordered out of her car and made to walk backward toward several Evansville Police officers. The cops had their handguns pointed toward Tyler as she approached them slowly. When Tyler appeared in front of the officer wearing the body camera, she was made to kneel and he cuffed her.

“I’m seven months pregnant!” Tyler told him. “What am I doing wrong?”

The officers asked Tyler if she was involved in any altercations and she denied anything happened. The officer wearing the camera explained why she was forced out of her vehicle.

“Here’s the reason you got taken out of the car like you did,” the officer said. “We just got called and your car and license plate was given as the description of people that just pulled a gun on somebody at Ritzy’s.”

“I don’t have a gun, you can check my car,” Tyler responded. As the officer walked over to Tyler’s car, he told a colleague he doubted the caller’s story.

“I think this is going to be complete bulls–t,” he said. Another officer suggested someone might be “pissed off” at Tyler. As the two officers searched her car, the cam officer agreed with his coworker’s initial statement.

“I’m gonna say that you’re probably right,” he said. “I’m [going to say] someone is pissed off at this little girl.” Tyler was uncuffed shortly after the search concluded and the officers told her they believed her story.

“That’s the reason these came off as quick as they went on, and I’m about to send you on your way because I believe you,” one officer told her.

“We know it’s embarrassing to you, and we’re sorry,” said another cop. “I want you to understand that. I truly do … but we’ve got to approach our job as we do.”

During the 911 call, the unidentified caller told the dispatcher two Black women were fighting with each other and one pulled a gun on the other. A detective later determined the caller had a history of mental illness.

Tyler complained about the stop in a Facebook post, according to a screenshot posted by the EPD Facebook page. She accused the cops of endangering her and her unborn child’s lives.

This is part one of a four part post about an incident that happened last night. The below is a screenshot that has been…

Posted by Evansville Police Department on Tuesday, July 28, 2020

“Apparently this lady called and told them I had a gun and was shooting at her so they treated me like dirt and made me get on my knees in a puddle to handcuff me for NO REASON!” she wrote. “Every time I tried to talk, they acted like they were going to shoot me!”

Evansville Police spokesman Sgt. Nick Winsett denied Tyler’s assessment and labeled the officers’ actions as “textbook” police work.

“Any time it’s high risk, we don’t have certain traffic stops for different races, it’s all high risk or it’s not. In this case, it was considered a high-risk traffic stop,” he told Courier & Press.

David Mour, Tyler’s lawyer, believes the situation would have went differently with a white woman.

“I get the police have to be safe, etc., but I submit to you that if this were a Caucasian lady that was seven months pregnant, I doubt this would have been handled in the same manner,” Mour told WEHT. Mour told the station he wanted to examine police documents and policy before he considers a lawsuit.

What people are saying

17 thoughts on “Pregnant Black Woman Eating Ice Cream In Car Cuffed at Gunpoint After Anonymous 911 Call: ‘What Am I Doing Wrong?’

  1. Miguel Morris says:

    Right or wrong? The caller must be held accountable. Dont . This is a hate crime. Nevertheless the officer overreacted to a prankster. They have to take responsibility. Common sense is lacking and never point a gun at a pregnant woman.

  2. Greta Tate says:

    7mos pregnant, forced to walk backward at gunpoint, seems a bit extreme. Had she lost balance and fallen, I’m positive they would have shown no concern and would have accepted no responsibility. Then forced to kneel and hands cuffed behind her back. I really think the scenario would be different with an obvious pregnant Caucasian woman.

  3. Vashti Abram says:

    She really should be ashamed for telling those lies those offices. It is to much going on in the world for her to just outright lie. SHAME ON YOU🤦🏾‍♀️ Cameras don’t like 💁🏾‍♀️

  4. Christina says:

    Once again BS. If she was white, she wouldn’t have been asked to step out of car, just what she has been doing the last 30 minutes or so. That was beyond unacceptable policing. They could ask the passenger to set out and walk to one of the too many police cars in the scene and searched the car but to ask her to get on the ground and handcuff her. No freakin way. THIS CRAP NEEDS TO END NOW!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you get a call about a violent scene but yet pull up to a serene scene why not go inside the establishment and ask questions!? Did this lady seem angry in any way!? She’s 7 months pregnant! Did she seem like she was breathing heavily like she’d been in a scuffle!? Isn’t it text book to survey the scene before approaching!?

  6. Joan G says:

    The caller never said shooting she said fighting? It’s just unprofessional and it’s not safe for either party, police should always ask questions and if a person is handicapped in any form take another approach, all stops have gun drawn.
    No communication when it comes to people of color

  7. Anonymous says:

    They need to lock up that caller in a mental hospital cause they might kill sumbody over that fake caller calls.. these polices are stupid…this should be the last time that caller calls… put he or her in the mental jail hospital asap… i wouldn’t got out the car til a SUPERVISOR of the police office came to my window… and i ask why u all up on me im eating ice cream by myself…
    Show me the person who called on me.
    Call that person back… i be asking all types of questions

  8. Angela Kosinski says:

    What part of there was supposedly a gun and the liscence number matched don’t you people get? What pregnant women would never get violent? And they couldn’t exactly see if she was hiding anything in her top now could they? And you people are the problem even bringing the race card out on it. You assume but have nothing to back it up.

  9. Chris says:

    A anonymous tip alone does not justify a terry-stop.
    The police have to see that person committing an actual crime to justify the stop.

  10. Dr.britefuture says:

    To use the rhetoric “you people” is problematic… unless your people are being slaughtered in the fucking streets just for being a person of color then please button your thin, ignorant lips shut. And that can go for all “your people”.

  11. Jean walker says:

    I’m a black female that drive a truck for a living. I have the cops called on me at least 3 times a week. Normally by a white female that sits in the passenger seat of another truck with no job and figures that I should not be able to drive a truck. It is sick that they get a pass on doing crap like this. They need to be held accountable and put in jail. Stop making excuses for this type of ignorant behavior. Laws are in place for this, but law enforcement makes excuses for them.

  12. Lotai says:

    Angela what part of “The caller said two Black women were in a scuffle” do you not understand. Nowhere did it say that the caller gave a description of the pregnant woman’s car or license plate number until the police officer said “it matched the description”, which is the common excuse always used when dealing with Black people. Smh.

  13. The “race card” gets brought up because people of color know this is TRUE! A pregnant white woman would never have been treated like that unless they actually saw a weapon upon arrival! Stop trying to make like the were “just doing their job” when they did this!

  14. Moesha says:

    What world do you live in jack? Point is she’s pregnant, eating ice cream. They asked her NO questions till she was handcuffed. Why tf would she eat ice cream after a fight? YOU are the problem in America.

  15. Linda Benefield says:

    The police were wrong. Pointing a gun when they saw her in car eating ice cream, she was along and seven months pregant. Those police are putting fear into every Black person. They have too much power over lifeA and death.AWHITE WOMAN, NEVER, NEVER, WOULD BE TREATED LIKE THAT.JESUS, JESUS, HELP US

  16. Chris T says:

    Reply to Angela Kosinski .. Who do you mean by “you people”? Are you using this term for people of color? This truly shows your color… statistics shows this situation would’ve been treated differently had it been you.. I agree the anonymous reply.. that the police should’ve looked at the current situation assessed and went from there.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Spoke again from a white privilege prospective. 1. Police are given training to assess the situation, 2. Determine the amount of action needed. 3. Arrest as result of a crime. What soo many fail to understand is, once you are detained and especially cuffed, you are arrested. The law is not applied equally in many communities unfortunately. And moreover most white person have not been stopped and questioned for just being in a car, or walking.

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