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‘Girl You Spilt The Lean’: Fans Crack Up Over Reginae Carter’s Throwback Pic with Dad Lil Wayne

Reginae Carter took a hilarious trip down memory lane when she shared a throwback photo of herself and her dad Lil Wayne caught during a candid moment.

Reginae shows her daddy, rapper Lil Wayne, some love. (Photo: @colormenae/Instagram)

The then-much-younger Reginae can be seen hanging on to her “Lollipop” rapper dad as he reacts to her causing him to spill … something … that’s in his cup. The pic was just as funny to fans as it was to Reginae, who captioned the post, “I must’ve made him spill the drank 🥴🥴 look how unbothered I am by it.”

Between Wayne’s distraught face and Reginae’s carefree mood, everyone got a good hearty cackle from the pic, which received over 224,000 likes.

“😂😂😂dat n***a havin mixed emotions his drink done fell,” joked one follower.

“Aww this is so cute he do look like gawwddd damn lol,” another laughed.

“Girl you spilt the lean oh hell nahh 😂,” a third clowned.

“He look heartbroken😩,” wrote a fourth.

“Your arms around him was all that matter…,” stated a fifth. “You ain’t give a dam.”

Reginae shared this throwback of herself (center), dad Lil Wayne (right), and Birdman’s daughter Bria Williams (left). @colormenae/Instagram

Some keen-eyed fans noticed Birdman’s daughter, Bria Williams, in the background of the image and wanted to know whether she and the 21-year-old Reginae are still friends.

“Where is Bria? Y’all still talk ?” asked a fan.

“awww omg where Bria at!!!???” another wondered.

Reginae has always let it be known how much she loves her dad, but that doesn’t mean she won’t call him out when she disagrees with him. The reality TV star threw some shade her dad’s way when he appeared to agree with remarks 50 Cent made about preferring “exotic” women over Black women.

Although not directly referring to her dad, Carter shared a tweet once the interview began going viral. “I’m black ! I’m beautiful ! I’m enough ! I’m exotic ! I’m amazing ! I’m one of a mf kind !!!! Now where my black beautiful Queens at?” she posted.

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