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‘Shenanigans’: Erica Dixon Fans Are In Stitches After One of Her Twins Decides to Hog the Mirror

Erica Dixon‘s eldest twin Eryss is in no mood to share with her sister Embrii these days.

Dixon took to her twins’ official Twinzoli Instagram page on Saturday, July 25, and uploaded an adorable video of the toddlers playing in a mirror. Things immediately got off to a rocky start when baby Eryss, who was born a few seconds before Embrii, tried to push her sister off of the mirror and made her fall.

Erica Dixon
Erica Dixon’s twins Embrii and Eryss stand in front of the mirror. @twinzonli/Instagram

“Eryss stop!” Dixon yelled in the video. “You gon’ make her fall, see. Nice, you gotta be nice. Share the mirror, you can’t have the whole mirror.”

However, baby Eryss refused to scoot over and make room for her sibling to play. Dixon added in her caption, “Eryss and her shenanigans.”

The darling video of the 1-year-olds toddlers sparked several comments and reactions from fans.

“Wait i know I’m not the only one who heard Embrii say “nice” after the fall 😂,” a user commented, while another chimed in, “Eryss plays no game 😂. Cant get enough of these two cuties.”

“Not only cute, they are too funny! I love Eryss.. she plays 0 GAMES. She tried to bump her out the way 🤣,” one fan laughed. Someone else added, “Eryss is DA BOSS❤️ they are so precious 😍 aww so precious 😩.”

Erica Dixon
Embrii and Eryss. (Photo: @twinzonli/Instagram)

Dixon gave birth to her twin daughters in May 2019 and celebrated their first birthday a few weeks ago.

She penned a message via Instagram on May 11 and expressed how grateful she was to have Embrii and Eryss in her life.

“They are truly my miracle babies. I’m intrigued on a daily by the different things they do,” Dixon wrote. “I often thank God for blessing me with them because of the heartache I dealt with miscarrying my very first. He truly knows my heart. @twinzonli 🙏🏽💕#doubleblessings #twinmom.”

Erica Dixon and her beautiful family. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

The Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star also has 15-year-old daughter Emani Richardson with her former fiancé, and rapper Lil Scrappy.

In a sweet IG post on May 10, Dixon declared that all three of her daughters made her a better person. She wrote: “They don’t just call me mommy, I’m their mother. They are the reason I’m constantly self reflecting to not only do better but be better in all aspects of life.”

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