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‘Sky Got the Dogs’: Fans Roast ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days After They Zoom In on Her ‘Big Azz’ Feet

Sky Days apparently has some big shoes to fill — literally.

The “Black Ink Crew” star took to Instagram on Thursday, July 23, and posted a photo of herself supposedly flying on a luxurious plane. She tagged her geolocation as Sosúa, Dominican Republic, and reminded fans why she’s reality TV’s favorite bad girl.

Sky Days
Sky Days sticks middle finger up. @flyyytattedsky/Instagram

“S–ttin me,” Days captioned her post.

She thrust her middle finger up at the camera and posed with her tongue stuck out. The “Black Ink” star was casually dressed in a floral bralette top, leggings and Chanel sandals. She also flossed her designer Chanel bag before posing with what appeared to be a bag of crab legs in front of her.

Days fans were instantly blown away by her beauty.

Sky Days
Sky Days. @flyyytattedsky/Instagram

“My babymama on 100000 🥴so damn fine it done make no since,” a IG user wrote. Someone else followed up with, “Always Looking Flawless @flyyytattedsky ❤️🙌🏼 bae flying high.”

While some fans continued to compliment Days, others became distracted by her feet, which appeared to some to be unusually large in one foreshortened shot.

“Them feet that part 😂😂,” one person remarked. A second added, “Lmao sky got the dogs 😩.” One IG user said, “The first thing I see is them big azz 🦶🏿omg😷.”

Days is no stranger to criticism.

The television personality came under fire in April after she seemingly disowned her two sons Genesis and Dessalines on social media.

Sky Days
(From left) Sky Days, Dessalines and Genesis. (Photo: @flyyytattedsky/ Instagram)

It’s no secret that Days has a strained relationship with her adult kids and has even come to blows with the youngest. On April 11, a fan suggested that the reality TV star hadn’t checked up on her children amid the pandemic. Days seemingly denied her sons and replied, “I don’t have any kids ❤️.”

Her response received backlash from several online users who deemed her a “bad mother.”

Days is still on the outs with her children, and her eldest son Genesis said he’s loving her from a distance. He wrote last August, “Even though you my mom, you ain’t done nothing to be my mom like that. But s–t, I love you. … With me I made myself love from a distance.”

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