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‘Sis Really Don’t Care’: Fans Drag ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days For Seemingly Joking About Explosive Fight with Her Son

Fans appear to have had enough of Sky Day‘s antics. The “Black Ink Crew” reality star took to social media to post a photo of her wearing an embellished two-piece set while chugging a bottle of champagne down her throat.

The picture was posted days after she received backlash for her explosive fight with her 19-year-old son Dessalines on the Feb. 26 episode of her hit reality show. The model captioned the photo, “Champagne For The Pain 🖤.”

Sky Days posted up at a club drinking champagne. @flyytattedsky/Instagram

Fans were livid at the reality star for posting photos of her drinking after she received heat for publicly slamming her son on national television. Fans expressed their anger toward her on social media.

One user said, “I don’t know how you can party when you just hurt your son… but okay…continue on.”

“🤡🤡🤡,” said a second user.

“Sis really don’t care. Wow!,” said a third fan.

A fourth fan commented, “@flyyytattedsky… you need more than Champagne… for the pain!!!…”

“This is all she good for,” said a fifth user.

Days got suspended from the VH1 reality show after the heated argument and physical altercation she had with her son. During the episode, the executive producer told Ceaser, “We just had some s–t go down with Sky. I don’t want this like this.”

Sky Days behind the scenes on “Black Ink Crew” @flyytattedsky/Instagram

Dessalines and his mother fell out last season when his mother accused him of stealing from her. Her son tried to make amends with her in the mid-season finale of the show. However, things turned sour when Days told him she should have aborted him.

Sky Days in blonde hair @flyyytattedsky/Instagram

The reality star appears to not be bothered by her actions. She went live and posted in a now-deleted Instagram story, “Y’all taking up for Des? That’s nice. That’s sweet. That n—a ain’t have no tears in his eyes, but that’s sweet. Listen, I said what I said. God gon’ deal with me.”

The tattoo artist told fans she is leaving New York and is moving to Los Angeles, California, to pursue her acting career.
Sky Days talks about the backlash she received from fans after she told her son she should have aborted him. @omgfgrealitytv/Instagram

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