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‘This Hurts My Heart’: Tommie Lee Fans Have Mixed Reactions to Her Daughter’s ‘Abortion’ Claims

The reality TV world is watching Tommie Lee and her eldest daughter Samaria go back and forth online over the teen’s pregnancy, and it’s heartbreaking.

The 17 year old recently criticized both her mother and aunt for allegedly trying to trick her into getting an abortion in her seventh month of pregnancy. She claimed that her aunt, who had her baby on July 22, said she aborted a baby at seven months and urged her to do the same.

Tommie Lee
[L-R]: Tommie Lee and her daughter Samaria @tommiee_ and @samariaa/Instagram

“I was told by my mother and aunt herself that she had an abortion at 7 months pregnant and that I should get one because it was for the best!” Samaria wrote via Instagram story on Tuesday, July 21, two days after she said she marked her 17th birthday. “The night of my b-day, my grandmother that’s incarcerated called me and told [me] my mother and aunt will be going to the hospital to deliver my aunt baby today.”

The teenager questioned why Lee, 36, who gave birth to Samaria at 18 years old, could help her aunt deliver her baby, but not her own daughter’s. Samaria said her mother kicked her out of her home after she refused to abort the baby.

“I’ve been staying cool calm and collected but my aunt and mother got me to fly to LA thinking my mother was dying only to try and be forced to have an abortion! After I didn’t want it, I was kicked out of the house and forced to find my own way home!!”

Tommie Lee
Samaria exposes her mother and aunt. @samariaa/Instagram.

She later suggested that she would’ve considered suicide had she aborted her unborn child, writing, “I just wanna know what would have happened when I killed my baby and 2 months later she was holding hers. I probably would have taken my own life. Glad I got my own mind.”

Tommie Lee

Lee responded to her daughter’s claims with a now deleted screenshot that read, “Attention is A deadly Drug!”

In an Instagram live video, Lee confirmed that she did suggest that her daughter get an abortion. She said that she and her siblings come from a broken home and indicated that she didn’t want that for her daughter’s child.

“My take on abortion on anything of that nature is this — the reason why I feel so strongly about that opinion to have a say so about their body is because this is something that you are never going to be able to undo. You’re never going to be able to undo having a child,” she said. “And ultimately I’ve come from a broken home. It caused us to make some weird decisions because ultimately our parents wasn’t there. We didn’t have nobody to look up to. You’re not given a manuscript on how to parent. There’s no book out to show you when you leave her how to address x, y, z.”

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee @tommiee_/Instagram

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star said she didn’t want her daughter to become a “teen mom.” She also expressed that Samaria wasn’t financially capable of taking care of a child.

“So me, I would rather a teen live they life. My child that I think so highly of and that I love, I don’t want her to ever face the things that I face. I want you to be in your dorm room. I want you to complete high school. I want you to have wild parties. I want you to live, live, live out these years of your life because you never get them back. You’re never going to be a teenager again, ever.”

Lee added, “As a mom, I’m disappointed. I’m hurt. I went through a time where I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t posting. I have endorsements. I’m supposed to be posting but I’m in my head about somebody sleeping with my daughter, my daughter having sex. How did it get to that point?”

Lee’s recent parenting comments and Samaria’s “abortion” allegations have sparked a number of reactions from social media users. Hopefully the mother and daughter duo can work out their differences for the teenager’s unborn child.

“The apple don’t fall far from the tree GIRL JUST SUPPORT HER !!!! Grow up”

“I feel like she wanted her daughter to break a generational curse by not getting pregnant so young.”

“This hurts my heart! Idgaf tommie just didn’t want the cycle to keep repeating , she wanted her daughter to be better than her”

“I’m wit u tommie but damn 7 months pregnant that’s a BABY BABY. IDK man smh.”

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