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‘She Needa Go Back to School’: Draya Michele’s Education ‘Back Round’ Gets Dragged After She Asks Basic Question on Twitter

OK, let’s keep it real. We’ve all had moments in our lives when we temporarily forget how to spell simple words or use basic phrases. While most people typically search Google for help with their vocabulary, Draya Michele did not and took to Twitter for assistance.

The former “Basketball Wives” cast member was watching Adam Sandler‘s Netflix film “Uncut Gems” on the evening of Monday, July 6. Michele expressed in a now-deleted tweet that she believed the music in the comedy was too loud. She asked her 650,000 Twitter followers: “I’m trying to watch uncut gems and is it me or is the back round music too loud? can barely hear what they saying.” She added: “Also. Is it ‘back round’ or ‘background’??”

Draya Michele turns to Twitter background spelling assistance. @drayamichele/Twitter

What started as a straightforward question turned into a roasting session by fans. Many people expressed the idea that the founder of Mint Swim should have researched her answer on Google before seemingly embarrassing herself on social media, while others advised the 35-year-old reality star to take some classes. “She needa go BACK to school,” someone said. Another user agreed and asked: “Why wouldn’t it be BACKGROUND🤦🏽‍♀️?”

However, other people teased the mother of two for comments she made in 2017 about refusing to sign her son Kniko Howard‘s homework assignment. “No wonder she didn’t wanna help her son with his homework. Did lil baby a favor 🤣,” someone else remarked.

Draya Michele (Photo @drayamichele/Instagram)

Draya explained in a now-deleted Instagram post from December 2017 that Kniko was required to memorize and recite a four-minute speech on American history for school. She shared that his teacher wanted her to sign papers every day to prove that Kniko was doing the homework assignment. The model revealed that she listened to her son’s speech some 18 times and explained that she was tired of hearing the lecture. She admitted that she refused to sign the paperwork because she was “done” with the assignment. When Kniko didn’t get the points for completing his homework, she vented about the project on social media and asked her followers what they thought about her actions.

Draya Michele admitted in a now-deleted 2017 Instagram post that she refused to sign her son Kniko Howard’s homework. @drayamichele/Instagram
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