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‘Where Yo Hip Game At?’: Fans Crack Up Over Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s TikTok Workout

Fans held a good old-fashioned roasting session in the comments section of Rasheeda and Kirk Frost‘s workout video that they shared on social media.

The married couple were keeping it fit and fine together in their home gym, with Kirk on the treadmill while Rasheeda did a little dance to her song “Marry Me.” She captioned the video, “Yeap me & @frost117 silly AF!!#putitonhimmakehimwannamarryme  #marryme,” and fans definitely got a laugh out of watching them both.

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost work on keeping it tight together. @rasheeda/Instagram

The rapper and entrepreneur caught some heat for her moves (or lack thereof). Followers jokingly called her out, requesting she put a little more dip in those hips.

“Lord you my girl but nooooo 😂😂😂”

“Sheeda Boo where 🤷🏽‍♀️yo hip game at🤣”

“ima need ah lil mo swirl in that hip😭😭😭”

“Y’all so funny😀😀😀”

All the attention didn’t go to just Rasheeda, however. Equal opportunity clowning took place, as some fans also honed in on Kirk’s physique.

“He too needs a sports bra. Lol”

“Kirk chest moving moving a lil too much for me lol”

“His tetas bouncing 😂it’s all good, somebody like it🤣🖤”

Rasheeda and Kirk have been married since 1999 and are parents to sons Karter, 6, and Ky, 19. Kirk is also father to daughter Kelsie, 24, and son Kannon, 4, whom he fathered with former stripper Jasmine Washington.

The pair have faced their fair share of backlash over the years, Kirk for cheating on the “Boss Chick” multiple times over the course of their marriage, and Rasheeda for taking him back time and time again.

Rasheeda wishes Kirk a Happy Father’s Day. @rasheeda/Instagram

Most recently the pair reconciled after the truth about little Kannon’s paternity came to light, but fans were not happy about their decision to stay together.

“I’m going to be honest with you — a lot of times, people who speak on that could never wear my shoes,” she told Essence in response to the negative reception their reconciliation received. “A lot of women haven’t even been in a relationship for five minutes, let alone 20 years. So you can’t speak on the decisions that I make. At the end of the day, it’s my life.”

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