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‘Sad’: Tamar Braxton’s Fiancé Speaks on K. Michelle Reigniting Feud with Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton‘s fiancé David Adefeso isn’t here for the K. Michelle beef, and he addressed the situation head-on in a video, reminding everyone that now is not the time for division and petty squabbles within the Black community.

During a recent interview with entertainer Ts Madison, Tamar was asked whether she’d participate in a Verzuz battle against K. Michelle, to which the “To Catch a Beautician” co-host responded by simply ringing a bell and holding her drink up to the camera, implying that she’d rather not.

Tamar Braxton looks on as David Adefeso addresses K. Michelle drama/ Photo Credit: Tamar Braxton/Youtube

K. Michelle took offense to Tamar’s reaction and hit back by calling Tamar a “muppet” and a “cartoon character,” and accused her of sleeping with hip-hop legend Jermaine Dupri’s father and being beaten up by Dupri’s mother as a result.

Adefeso, who ostensibly runs a financial services firm, wasted no time diving into the recent drama and defending his lady on a new segment of his and Tamar’s “Quarantined & Coupled” YouTube series starting at 10:44. “We woke up this morning and there was one Black woman tearing another Black woman down and I felt sad,” he said.

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On Saturday I turned 50. My @tamarbraxton threw the most amazing party for me! My 80-year old mom, who I love so dearly, flew in from Lagos to attend. I remember growing up In Lagos… we attended a church called Chapel of the Healing Cross. At the Chapel they had the congregation divided into four “Fellowships”, each one sort of like a prayer/support group. Each of the four Fellowships had a different name: the Fellowships of Joy, Hope, Peace and Love. Over the years I’ve often pondered which one of the four Fellowships was the most important: I mean if I had to choose only one of the four for the rest of eternity which would it be? Would I take Peace over Love? Joy over Hope? Well, only at 50 do I feel like I finally found the answer, and it’s the same answer my mom reiterated to me decades ago: Of all four the greatest is LOVE! “Loving my @tamarbraxton brings me Joy; that Joy always keeps Hope alive….the Hope that no matter what obstacles we confront we will always confront them together; and the Hope that we will be together forever brings me Peace”. So, when you have Love you have Joy, and Joy comes with never ending Hope, and the Hope that things will always be better and brighter tomorrow than they were yesterday brings Peace. So, like I said the greatest of these is LOVE. Because with Love comes Joy, Hope and Peace….all wrapped up in a nice, tight package! I love you Tamar! Thank you for making this the #bestbirthdayever!!❤️❤️

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“I felt sad that as Black people, men and women and children and a lot of white people support us and we support ourselves,” continued the businessman. “There’s nothing we need more than to be united. Together. Right now. What I saw this morning made me sad because I saw one strong Black woman, strong good-looking Black woman, tear another strong good-looking Black woman down, and it broke my heart.”

Adefeso went on to deny the allegations that were made by the “V.S.O.P” singer. “What makes me sad is Tamar now gotta defend herself against something which is false. Against something which was concocted. Against something which was made to defame her character. As her man, it broke my heart. If that came from someone across the aisle, I could understand, but that came from another good-looking, strong Black woman! We do not tear each other down!”

Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso (left) and Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @david.adefeso/Instagram)

Fans agreed with Adefeso, saying that there are more important matters at hand, and being united as a community should be the top priority right now.

“u gotta good man tamar. he’s right…black women don’t tear each other down! tamar is right God is in control!,” one fan agreed.

“We as black women need to start lifting one another up instead of tearing one another down,” a second commented. “Just imagine the power behind that movement.”

“love how she took something so cruel and turned it into something beautiful! so proud of you girl!,” commended third fan.

When David turned the floor over to Tamar to address the situation, she simply stated that she didn’t have much to say because “whenever I talk it gets misconstrued” and she’s in a “different place” in her life. “The last thing that I am going to waste my time with is giving negative energy energy.”

The couple also prayed for K. Michelle and any others whose hearts and minds “are not necessarily in the space that they should be.”

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