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Fans Dish Mixed Reactions Over Cardi B’s New Dermal Piercings

Cardi B is adding to her mass collection of body art and tattoos. Just days after refreshing her massive peacock thigh tattoo, the 27-year-old rapper posted a series of videos on Instagram that showed her getting three dermal piercings on her chest and one labret piercing below her lip.

In the first clip, the “Bodak Yellow” lyricist laid back as her piercer poked a hole in her chest. “1 Down,” she wrote to describe the first set of videos. Cardi B closed her eyes and could be seen screaming and laughing through the pain as her rapper husband Offset stood by her side and held her hand.

Cardi B adds three dermal piercings to her chest. (Photo): @iamcardib/Instagram

In the next video, the piercer was preparing to poke the second hole in Cardi B’s chest. “I don’t even know if I’m agreeing to this,” she shouted. The Migos artist encouraged his wife to fight through the pain, saying she was a “G.” She jokingly screamed at Offset, “Why don’t you do one!”

When the artist moved on to her labret piercing, the Bronx native screamed as the needle was going through her lower lip. “This b-tch hurt 😩I forgot how it felt,” she captioned the footage.

Cardi B unveiled her piercings in her last video by zooming the camera toward her chest. She wrote in her caption: “The finale 💎💰.” Some fans said they liked her body jewelry. One user wrote: “Love the 3 on your chest 😍.” Others did not gravitate toward her fresh look. “Cardi what are you doing to your body you don’t have to do all that 🤦🏾‍♂️,” another said.

Cardi B reveals her final piercings. @iamcardib/Instagram

At the end of May, the former reality star on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” posted a video on Instagram that showed her back and some of her thigh fully covered in roses, other colorful flowers, and monarch butterflies. California tattoo artist Jamie Schene tackled the project and explained in an Instagram post that he tattooed Cardi B in more than 10 different cities, sharing that her body art took more than 60 hours to finish. “It was an awesome project and a crazy experience,” Schene wrote.

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