Donald Trump’s Only Liked Tweet Is About ‘Insecure’ Episode and People, Including Issa Rae, Are Confused

More evidence that Jordan Peele wrote and produced 2020 has surfaced in the form of some confusing Twitter activity by none other than President Donald J. Trump. Based on his one and only liked tweet on his page, many were surprised to discover that Trump is either a secret “Insecure” fan or has someone running his account, and everyone, including show creator Issa Rae, is rightfully perplexed.

Fans of the hit HBO series, who were still trying to digest what went down between Issa and Molly in the June 7 episode “Lowkey Trying,” were caught off guard when a Twitter user noticed that Trump only has one tweet marked as liked on his profile that’s about the very same episode.

Trump’s only liked tweet/Photo Credit: RealDonaldTrump/likes

The tweet that appears to resonate with Trump refers to the apparent ending to Issa and Molly’s friendship that collectively stressed fans out, and judging by his like he too felt some type of way about seeing the besties go their separate ways.

Once word about Trump’s lone like began to make its way around the platform, Black Twitter users did what they do best and responded with a mixture of humor, shock, and memes that summed up their spectrum of feelings in under 280 characters. “Insecure” creator Issa Rae was among the most taken aback, bluntly tweeting “what the f–k is this.”

Issa Rae wants answers./ Photo Credit: @IssaRae/Twitter

Rae’s co-star Kumail Nanjiani from her Netflix comedy “The Lovebirds” poked a little fun at the situation writing, “Well I found one thing I have in common with him: we’re both big fans of @IssaRae,” to which Issa Rae simply replied “Kumail,” while also posting a GIF from Peele’s upcoming film “Candyman.”
Photo Credit: @IssaRae/Twitter

Fans of the show quickly jumped in on the conversation and the responses were every bit as entertaining as you’d hope.

While we don’t truly believe that Trump hunkers down in his bunker on Sunday nights to tune into the weekly adventures of two Black besties thriving in LA, the real mystery behind why and how this happened remains to be solved. There have been some interesting theories floating around, however, and in this day and age, truly anything is possible.

“Lowkey Trying” was directed by “Little Fires Everywhere” star Kerry Washington, who described the experience as “a privilege and delight!”

She continued in her post, “The world needs more #MomentsOfBlackJoy right now. I think we did that AND more. I hope you’ll watch, and I hope you laugh. Or cry. Or blush. Or scream. Whatever you need to do. We’re all out here #LowkeyTrying 🙏🏾✊🏾👏🏾🙌🏾 #KerryDirectsInsecure”
Kerry Washington enjoying her “Insecure” directing experience/Photo Credit: @KerryWashington/Instagram

Yvonne Orji, who plays Molly on the show, previously spoke about Washington’s directing style saying, “She pushed me to greatness,” after revealing that she also had to push through moments of frustration with the “Scandal” star.

“Insecure” fans (and possibly Trump?) are preparing for the show’s fourth season finale set to air Sunday, June 14 on HBO.

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