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Yung Miami of the City Girls Says People Should Stop Bringing Up Black-on-Black Crime When Talking About Police Brutality

Black-on-black crime is often brought up when someone talks about a Black person dying at the hands of a police officer. The usual argument is that Black folks should be just as angry when a Black person is killed by someone of the same race.

It’s an opinion that some have expressed during the recent protests for George Floyd, who died May 25 after a former Minneapolis police officer held his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Yung Miami of the City Girls talked about the difference between black-on black crime and police brutality. (Photo: @yungmiami305/Instagram)

Yung Miami of the rap duo City Girls spoke about the difference between black-on-black crime and Blacks being killed by police and said they’re two different problems entirely.

“We talking about police killing innocent Black men and stuff like that,” Miami said on IG Live Wednesday. “We not talking about Black on Black crimes. N—-s ain’t killing n—-s because they’re n—-s. N—–s killing n—-s in the street because of what they got going on. We not talking about that. That’s a different situation for a different time. That’s a whole ‘nother subject.”

She continued, “If I go to the store and I got $20, you feel like my $20 is fake, that shouldn’t cause me losing my life. I should just go to jail or whatever it is. It shouldn’t lead someone being on the floor crying for their mama, saying please let me stand up, I can’t breathe. Just to watch that, that s–t hurt … Imagine that being my son or my daddy or my uncle on the floor saying mama.”

The City Girl member’s opinion is different from her fellow Miami rapper Trina, who made a correlation between Floyd being killed and her brother being murdered by a Black person. She also talked about a 9 p.m. curfew for Miami that she felt should have been for an earlier time.

“Keep everybody off the street, these animals off the streets, that are running around in Miami-Dade County acting like they have escaped from a zoo,” she said on 99 Jamz Radio this week. “Lock them up at 5 p.m. so the streets can be nice and clean. That’s how I feel.” 

Trina continued, “We can’t bring back nobody lives that has been taken away, whether it’s from the police or the hands of another civilian. We cannot bring them back. You cannot pump life back into them at all. I can’t bring back my little brother life, his life was taken by the hands of a man, a Black man … Half of y’all marching are not even caring about this man.”

Trina began trending for her comments and was hammered on social media, which she responded to on Twitter.

“First of all you should do something for the community and focus on your s–t,” she told reality star Masika Kalysha, who called her a “coon.” You don’t know me and it’s best to keep it that way.”

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