‘You So Messy’: Joseline Hernandez Jokes About Ex Stevie J. Getting ‘Black Eyes’ In Reported Recent Drama with Wife Faith Evans

Joseline Hernandez is definitely a jokester.

Over the weekend, a report emerged that R&B singer Faith Evans was arrested recently for a domestic dispute with husband Stevie J., Hernandez’s ex-fiancé. Since the alleged incident, the self-proclaimed “Good Guy” has been posting photos and video messages on social media nonstop as if his wife’s still unconfirmed arrest never happened.

Joseline Hernandez
(From left) Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J., Faith Evans. (Photos: @joseline/Instagram), @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram)

On Wednesday, June 3, Stevie J. uploaded a video to Instagram urging people to love their “significant other.”

“It’s a beautiful morning. If you woke up next to your significant other, give them a kiss and tell them you love them every morning,” the “A Minute” singer said in the clip. “Make love every morning. Have fun every morning. Put a smile on your face every morning. If you don’t have smiles all day, if you’re not happy and it’s all negative, then it ain’t gon’ work. Positivity is everything. Love is everything. Follow the light, man.”

Joseline Hernandez
Stevie J. @shaderoom/Instagram

Hernandez caught wind of her ex’s video and decided to tease him about the alleged “beatdown” he received from Evans. “Make love Not 2 black eyes 😂😂,” the 33-year-old mother wrote in a gossip blog’s comments. “I seen the other day on FaceTime 😂”

Joseline Hernandez
@joseline @theshaderoom/Instagram

The former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star’s remarks left fans in stitches. “You so messy @joseline yea he look wore out, got walked like a dog huh🤣,” one user wrote. Another said, “So petty 😂 yoooo why you do him like that. we can always count on you for the mess 😍.” One other fan said, “lmaofffff ihy rn 🤣🤣🤣🤣 not 2 black eyes lolol i can’t wit u sis spell da tea”

Police were reportedly called to Evans and Stevie J.’s Los Angeles home last week for attacking the father of six, TMZ reported.

Reportedly, officers said Stevie J. had “visible marks and scratches” on his face and the “I’ll Be Missing You” artist was booked for domestic violence. She was released on the same, unspecified day, TMZ reported.

The pair’s domestic dispute comes a year after trouble-in-paradise rumors surrounded their marriage when they unfollowed each other on social media. Evans and Stevie denied the allegations, and Evans told TMZ last July, “You can’t believe everything that you hear.”

The couple married in July 2018. They have 10 children between the two of them.

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