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‘We Don’t Need This’: Rasheeda Frost’s Beauty Post Derails When Fans Slam Her for This

People are taking issue with Rasheeda Frost‘s latest posts due to the current political climate.

Frost, 38, took to Instagram on June 1, and shared a short video of herself twirling her new purple and pink ombre tresses. She ran her fingers through her hair and swayed from side to side. The Georgia Peach captioned her clip, “Just a lil brightness!!”

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost shows off her pink hair. @rasheeda/Instagram

Fans quickly slapped down her video. One person suggested that now was “not the time” to share a beauty post due to the current protests over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and other Blacks who’ve lost their lives to police brutality.

“We don’t need this right now,” said a second person. “I love you but really u thing this pink hair is important right now? Posting fn hair wtf Rasheeda. What is more important? 😔,” added another. Someone else remarked, “Out of no disrespect and I like you but right now you need to be out there protesting with the rested of them.”

Frost encountered the same issue on her May 28 post.

She shared a video that reflected her fashion taste, but many fans felt she should’ve used her platform to speak on current issues happening in the Black community. A fan commented, “Today is really not the day for the boots advertisement. You have a platform use it better.”

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost shows off shoes. @rasheeda/Instagram

Frost was apparently fed up with the criticism and responded, “sweetheart you don’t know how I’m using my platform or what I’m doing behind the scenes. But since you putting in your 2 cents I also have businesses to run & employees who have to take care Of themselves and their families we are still dealing with a pandemic at the same time so nothing stops the sad part is we’ve been dealing with injustice all our life so instead of worrying about me get to work on your end & let’s try in this lifetime to find a solution.”

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