‘I’m Angry’: Keri Hilson Claps Back at a Fan for Bashing Her Post About Racial Injustice

A serious topic that’s on the mind of many these days seemed to also be on Keri Hilson‘s mind on Wednesday, May 27, when Hilson posted a message to her Instagram page. Speaking on racial injustice, Hilson posted a black-and-white selfie that showed her sitting in a car donning a fedora hat and a tank top. The R&B singer wrote in her caption, “We don’t choose “’black or white,’” but we DO choose “’right or wrong.’” 🖤🤍.” One fan blasted her politically driven post, hinting that Hilson shared the photo because she wanted to flaunt her appearance.

The IG user wrote, “You just finding another way to show off your looks with your perfect lighting. You ain’t talking about nothing.” Hilson responded, “Ahhhh shut up. I gave a f-ck about a photo today. I’m angry. Found a pointless black & white photo in my phone to make a point on serious matters in my caption. Because I express thru words & sh-t is heavy on my heart.” She added, “People read captions over HERE. WE ain’t the shallow type. Furthermore, I post what I want, how I want. Gone somewhere w/ ur judgement. There’s serious sh-t to be concerned with.”

Keri Hilson’s black-and-white car selfie (Photo): @kerihilson/Instagram

Hilson’s message came just days after Amy Cooper, a white woman, called the police on an African-American man named Christian Cooper after he asked her to put her dog on a leash in Manhattan’s Central Park on Memorial Day. Amy called 911 on Christian Cooper — the two aren’t related — to say that he was threatening her and her dog. She has since lost her job and was forced to surrender her dog.

Later that day, news broke that George Floyd, a Black Minneapolis man, died at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis. The officer handcuffed and pinned Floyd to the ground and pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck for several minutes.

Many fans gravitated toward Hilson’s exchange with the IG user, explaining that the commentator didn’t seem worth her addressing.

Keri Hilson responding to a fan who dismissed her racial injustice post (Photo): @kerihilson/Instagram

@kerihilson you cant win with people. 🤦🏾‍♂️ I got what you were doing and it was clearly stated. Thank you for using your platform to teach. ✊🏾 #atllove.”

@kerihilson Don’t argue with the fools. Let them continue to flat line❤️.”

@kerihilson don’t explain to someone who doesn’t get it.”

@kerihilson pay no mind to the opinions of sheep and trolls.”

Keri Hilson (Photo): @kerihilson/Instagram

Some fans suggested that Hilson should have just posted photos of George Floyd and Christian Cooper instead of a selfie so her message wouldn’t get misinterpreted. As of now, Hilson hasn’t responded at length to the backlash.

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