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‘Kenya Forgot How She Showed Up to Atlanta’: Fans Drag Kenya Moore for Claiming to Kandi Burruss That Nene Leakes Was Preparing to Sue Bravo

Kenya Moore of The Real Housewives of Atlanta” made an appearance on Kandi Burruss‘ YouTube channel on the night of Saturday, May 23. During the “Speak On It” segment of their chat, the ladies dished about their frenemy Nene Leakes.

At the beginning of May, Burruss posted a video on her YouTube channel that showed her opening up about her feud with Leakes. Burruss and Leakes fell out with each other prior to the reunion because Leakes apparently claimed that Burruss was stopping Leakes from receiving a spinoff show with Bravo. During Burruss’ conversation with Moore, Burruss revealed that Leakes’ attorney sent her a letter after they taped the reunion and demanded that Burruss remove the video from her YouTube channel. Leakes’ legal team reportedly said that Burruss was using Leakes’ likeness without her permission.

Kandi Burruss (left) and Kenya Moore (right). (Photo: KandiOnline/YouTube screenshot)

Moore implied that Leakes was jealous of Burruss for already filming three spinoff shows with the network. At the 10:31 mark of the clip, Moore said, “Now here’s some real tea. Now you know the whole thing with her getting [attorney] Lisa Bloom and, um … uh … getting her ready to sue people. You know she was about to sue someone or whatever. It was Bravo. She was suing Bravo and True because she felt like they were —” Burruss butted in and said, “Allegedly. Allegedly. Don’t get me sued.”

Moore did not miss a beat in pressing her case, saying, “I’m gon’ go ahead and say allegedly so you and I don’t get cease-and-desist letters, but I’m telling you for a fact — and you know I don’t repeat stuff unless I know it’s a fact — she was going to allegedly sue Bravo and sue Truly [Truly Entertainment, the ‘RHOA’ production company] because she was talking about how, ‘Oh, she’s having all these great meetings, but then nothing happens after that.’ So she was trying to say or allege that they were stopping her from getting other work.”

The barrage didn’t stop there, with Moore continuing: “Here’s the thing, nobody’s stopping you from getting other work. You’re not talented. You don’t need to be on anyone else’s TV screen doing anything other than looking like a complete buffoon. If you could act, if you could dance, if you could sing, if you were pretty, then maybe you would get another opportunity or another show.” Burruss insinuated that Moore was being a hater.

At the 11:46 mark Moore said, “No, it wasn’t … because she is a caricature. No one wants to hire a caricature,” she concluded.

(From left) Kenya Moore, Nene Leakes, Kandi Burruss. (Photos: @thekenyamoore/Instagram, @neneleakes/Instagram, @kandi/Instagram)

Some fans dragged Moore for talking negatively about Leakes.

“They have nothing better to do other than talk about NeNe. Leave her alone 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️.”

“Now when Nene responds she’ll be the bad guy or bullying..”

“Kenya forgot how she showed up to Atlanta. Broke, hungry and desperate.”

“What is Kenya booking outside of housewives? She need to put that energy into her marriage.”

“Clearly NeNe is that girl. Always the topic.”

“You’re not talented. Kenya what’s your talent ??? Name it. Quickly.”

The OG Housewife has yet to respond to Moore’s accusations.

Kenya Moore claims Nene Leakes was suing Bravo. KandiOnline/YouTube

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