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‘Quarantine Doing You Right’: Toya Bush-Harris Drives Fans Wild with Indoor Look

With much of the nation working remotely, it’s pretty rare for people to see their colleagues completely dressed up. But for Toya Bush-Harris, the pandemic hasn’t impacted her stay-in-the-house style. On Tuesday, May 19, Bush-Harris, a reality star on “Married to Medicine,” posted a photo on Instagram that showed her holding a lilac box filled with gold and purple roses of different shades.

Bush-Harris, the wife of Dr. Eugene Harris, struck her pose by tilting her head to the side. Wearing a patterned halter-top dress, the mother of two smiled wide for her shot. Her hair, which extended down her back, was neatly parted to one side. As she was holding the flowers, her large diamond wedding ring was sparkling to full effect.

Toya Bush-Harris holding her lilac and gold roses. @toyabushharris/Instagram

Many fans gravitated toward the photo, implying that Bush-Harris looked gorgeous during her shelter-in-place life.

“Looking beautiful, Toya! And the flowers are pretty too! 💞.”

“Toya I was just talking about your closet to my sissy we need your closet 2.0 lol ❤️😂.”

“Jeez Louise don’t you look just stunning 😘.”

“Quarantine doing you right you are glowing and sh-t😍.”

“You looking good gurll😍😍.”

“Toya your closet is beautiful!!”

“You look amazing!!! Girl, you look like a teenager!”

Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Dr. Eugene Harris in Bush-Harris’ closet. @toyabushharris/Instagram

Bush-Harris’ closet was one of the main focal points during season 7 of “M2M.” The native of Detroit’s closet is two stories high and filled with glitz and glamour. Chanel and Louis Vuitton purses take up the upper-level portion of her closet, while her designer shoes are protected in a glass display in the lower level.

The 44-year-old Bush-Harris gave fans a tour of her wardrobe in a 2019 vlog for Bravo. At the :50 mark she said, “I did not want my shoes just on the shelf. And so now, I look at them, and I can look through the glass, and I can just say, ‘Wow, these are breathtaking. They’re just amazing.'” As of late, Bush-Harris has been modeling her expensive clothing on Instagram.

Toya Bush-Harris gives fans a tour of her two-story closet. Bravo/YouTube
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