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‘We Can Move Past This’: Cynthia Bailey Reveals Her Thoughts to Kandi Burruss on Porsha Williams’ Supposed Damaging Receipts About Kenya Moore

Porsha Williams came to part 1 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion prepared to expose her co-star Kenya Moore for talking about Cynthia Bailey behind her back. On Wednesday, May 13, Bailey sat down with her co-star Kandi Burruss on Burruss’ YouTube channel, “Speak On It,” to address how she felt about Moore allegedly stabbing her in the back.

Moore revealed earlier in the season that she had proof that Williams’ friendship with Nene Leakes was not authentic. During the reunion, Williams accused Moore of being a fake friend, explaining that she had text message evidence of Moore bashing Bailey. Andy Cohen, the reunion host, urged Williams to send the receipts to him and Bailey. The 38-year-old Williams complied, but Bailey hinted to Burruss that she wasn’t impressed with Williams’ evidence.

Kandi Burruss (left) and Cynthia Bailey (right). (Photos: KandiOnline/YouTube screenshot)

At the 7:41 mark Bailey said, “Well, initially I was just shocked that it even came up because, number one, I can’t imagine that first of all if Kenya had something negative to say about me, I think Porsha would probably be about the last person she would vent to, to call and talk about me to.”

“I thought the way that Porsha was talking, the way she was carrying on, I honestly thought Kenya was like going in on me — ‘F-ck Cynthia,’ you know, I don’t f-ck with her,’ you know, ‘I can’t stand that b–ch, f-ck that h-e,’ whatever — I thought she was really going in,” she said at the 8:29 mark.

Bailey explained that the majority of the text messages she received were about Eva Marcille. The 53-year-old Bailey shared to Burruss that she did not believe she would be friends with Moore after reading the receipts, but now she feels differently.

The former supermodel suggested that she had trusted Williams to produce better text message evidence. “The ways she put on about it, after the way she and Nene drug each other, I just felt like, well, if anybody knows a good receipt, it’s Porsha, she would know.” she expressed. “Girl, that wasn’t nothing. I think we can move past this,” she concluded.

(From left) Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams. (Photos: @cynthiabailey10/Instagram, @thekenyamoore/Instagram, @kandi/Instagram, @porsha4real/Instagram)

Over 300,000 people tuned in to the conversation, and many fans expressed the idea that Williams’ receipts were not credible.

“Cynthia is a smart lady, and I knew Porsha was lying from day one.”

“Sadly, it seems that since Porsha became friends with Nene again, she’s reverted back to the “ole” Porsha #ratchet.”

“Those of us with sense knew Porsha was lying.”

“I knew Porsha’s “receipts” were going to be lame. We know she doesn’t have a full brain.”

“Porsha didn’t have anything on Kenya, gurl bye😂.”

Bailey explained to Burruss that she would let the text message evidence play out on part 3 of the reunion. The final installment will air on Sunday, May 24, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Bravo.

Cynthia Bailey discusses Porsha Williams’ receipts with Kandi Burruss. Start at the 7:41 mark. (Video: KandiOnline/YouTube)

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