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Wendy Williams Takes a Break from Her Show to Deal with Symptoms from Graves’ Disease

Viewers of “The Wendy Williams Show” will have to watch repeats of the show for the foreseeable future, as Williams is taking a hiatus as a result of fatigue caused by Graves’ disease.

The break, according to Variety, will last for this week at the very least, though there’s no official announcement yet as to when the show will return. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams has been filming the show from her New York City apartment in episodes called “Wendy@Home.”

“Recently, Wendy has been dealing with symptoms from her Graves’ disease which is causing fatigue,” read a message on her Instagram page posted Monday, May 18. “In consultation with her doctor and as a precautionary measure, she will be taking some time off as she continues to receive treatment. We look forward to welcoming Wendy back soon and continuing the ‘Wendy@Home’ shows. More updates on a return date will follow.”

Many of Williams’ Instagram followers seemingly took news of the hiatus with a heavy heart, while wishing her a quick recovery.

“Oh no.. sending her lots of prayers and love! Hope to hear a ‘how you doinnn’ very soon! HUGS,” one of her fans wrote in the comments.

The former radio host also followed doctor’s orders in 2018 when she took time off because of her longtime condition. In that same year, Williams revealed that she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism 19 years before.

The American Thyroid Association describes Graves’ disease as an “autoimmune disease that leads to a generalized overactivity of the entire thyroid gland.”

Williams once described her condition to People as having a “storm” going through her body, and the 2018 flare-up came from “neglecting” six months of endocrinology appointments.

She also took a six-week leave of absence last year after fracturing her shoulder and while also dealing with challenges related to the autoimmune disease. Nick Cannon filled in for her as host at that time.

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