‘Um Not Cute’: Erica Dixon’s ‘Sweet’ Video Goes Left, Alarms Fans Over Her Children’s Safety

Reality TV star Erica Dixon’s latest post showing her off her twin daughters Eryss and Embrii hit an unexpected foul note when fans began to question her parenting skills.

In the video shared to social, Eryss is seen lying on top of her twin sister without a care in the world. Embrii, however, is crying for her sister to move.

Erica Dixon catches her daughter Eryss taking a break atop twin sister Embrii. @msericadixon/Instagram

Dixon, watching the situation play out, beckons Eryss to get off her sister, saying, “Eryss, get off of her. Thank you. You just being a meanie beanie.”

Relieved of her sister, Embrii stops crying and sits up, proving to some that she was perfectly fine. But those who found the video discomfiting still had much to say in the comments.

“That baby was hurting. Someone needs to call Social Services on you with this stupid video.”

“Um not cute u shoulda popped her.. she could smother her”

“Seem like the baby was hurting!!! 😟😟”

Unfazed by the concern, Dixon responded to several by stating that her children were perfectly fine. “She was fine then and if fine now. The both aggravate each other,” wrote the former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member.

Only imagining what kind of turmoil lies in the future, Dixon asked for prayers.

“Watch how the roles are gonna reverse. The payback gone be so real. 😂”

“she did her sister so wrong lol”

“😂😂😂😂 eryss something else”

At least one person found the video to be cute and possibly reminiscent of the girl’s days in the womb.

“She found a familar position as in the womb. How cute though😍”

Erica Dixon’s twin daughters Eryss (left) and Embrii (right). (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

From what her followers can see on social, the boutique owner has made caring for her 1-year-old twins and 15-year-old daughter Emani Richardson look easy, although a message shared to her IG story on May 15 reminds some that social only tells so much of a person’s story.

“Father, thank You that I can embrace life and see my days filled with good by taking control of what I say. I choose in advance to watch my words carefully today. I ask You to help me keep my lips sealed when I’m tempted to complain and argue. In Jesus’ Name, Amen,” she wrote.

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