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‘Log Off Now’: Reginae Carter Leaves Fans In Stitches After She Does ‘Snack’ Challenge with a Teddy Bear

It looks like Reginae Carter is quite the comedian.

The young actress recently put her own spin on the new “fruit snack” challenge circulating around the internet. The trend involves placing a bowl of fruit snacks in front of a child and telling them to wait a beat while the parent leaves the room. In this case, Carter didn’t have child to do the challenge with, so she had to improvise with a teddy bear.

In an Instagram video posted to Carter’s page on Thursday, May 13, she poured a pack of fruit snacks on a plate and hilariously placed it in front of her stuffed animal. She jokingly asked, “You want some fruit snacks?”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter does “fruit snack” challenge with a teddy bear. @colormenae/Instagram

“Alright, mommy gon’ give you some fruit snacks, but don’t eat it, OK. I’m coming right back,” Carter said on camera before she walked away. Seconds later, the 21-year-old returned and greeted her bear with a kiss. She jokingly added in her, “He was so mad but he passed !! #fruitsnackchallenge”

Fans cracked up at Carter’s parody of the challenge.

“😩😂🤣😭😭😭😭 I can NOT with youuuu”

“The fact you walked so far away. 😩😂😂😂 I cannot witchu. Log off now!! 😂😂”

” I’m mad I watched this fr like ouu is he gon eat it 😭 bruh i’m dead af😹”

“LMAOOO I am DONEEEE with you 😂 And i’m sitting here watching the bear like he gone really move. Lawd! 🤣😭😭”

“I know we all got issues bc we sat and watched it like the Bear was gone move or sumn 😂😂”

On top of Carter’s IG videos, she’s becoming known as the “queen” of TikTok with her hilarious skits.

While staying home during the pandemic, Carter uploaded several monologues on Instagram to improve her acting skills. She recently told Essence magazine that her TikTok skits have helped time pass by.

Reginae Carter has fans cracking up at her latest TikTok video. @colormenae/Instagram

“I have my moments when I’m like, OK, ‘I need to get out of this house!’ But I felt like TikTok was a fun way to critique my craft and also make everybody laugh, entertain people,” said Carter.

The television personality starred in films: “Pride and Prejudice: Atlanta” and “Dear Santa, I Need a Date.” She told Essence that she aspires to “become one of the biggest actresses in the world.”

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