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The Game Gifts Four People $20,000 Each During COVID-19 Crisis

The Game is the latest person from the hip-hop community to lend a helping hand to people during COVID-19. Taking a different approach from what some other rappers have done, such as providing personal protective equipment and food, he gave away money — $20,000 each to four people in a sweepstakes that was sponsored by Go Giveaways.

The Game helped to give away $20,000 to four people in a sweepstakes. (Photo: @losangelesconfidential/Instagram)

The winners were selected on Tuesday, May 12. To participate, people had to follow everyone @gogiveaways_official was following, share them to their Instagram Story and tag a friend in the comments.

“COVID-19, everybody in the house. Everybody can use some extra cash, man,” The Game said on Instagram Tuesday, May 12.

The rapper associating himself with a sweepstakes that involves money may be ironic to some, considering a judge recently ordered that he give all of the royalties from his latest album “Born to Rap” to Priscilla Rainey.

Rainey was a contestant on his reality show “She’s Got Game” and claims she was sexually assaulted during the show. She later filed a civil suit against the rapper.

Rainey was given ownership of Prolific Records in the lawsuit, an independent label The Game started last year. The judge said she is also entitled to all future earnings from Profilic. That was after The Game was ordered to pay her $7.1 million in damages.

During COVID-19, he’s been spending some of his time tweeting messages about sheltering in place and missing the outdoors since stay-at-home orders have been in effect.

The former Aftermath Entertainment artist also posted encouraging messages. On May 1 he tweeted, “I think love is love & that’s the most important thing. Hold on to what’s closest to you in this time of dispair. In that, you will find what your soul requires to push through.”

The winners of the contest have yet to be announced.

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