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‘They Are Beautiful’: Erica Dixon’s Family Photo Hits a High Note With Fans Who Can’t Get Enough of Her Adorable Daughters

The only photos fans of Erica Dixon seem to love more than those of the reality TV veteran are the ones she shares of her daughters.

Time and time again Dixon has fans gushing over the cuteness overload that occurs when her three daughters, Emani Richardson and twins Eryss and Embrii, are photographed together.

Erica Dixon melted hearts with her Mother’s Day family photo featuring her daughters Emani Richardson and twins Embrii and Eryss. @msericadixon/Instagram

With the ladies all decked in white outfits, they posed for photos that Dixon shared to social on Mother’s Day.

Her caption read, “They don’t just call me mommy, I’m their mother. They are the reason I’m constantly self reflecting to not only do better but be better in all aspects of lie. Sending each and every one of my mom followers a happy Mother’s Day!! You’re the real MVP.💋”

People on social flocked to the photos, where they left comments gushing over the family moments.

“Omg they are beautiful ❤️❤️,” “Absolutely gorgeous 😍 😍😍😍,” and “Cutie pies,” were just a few of the comments left by those smitten with the photographs. 

“HAPPY Mother’s Day beautiful family picture”

“😘😘 I love this you guys look amazing”

Often referred to as her father Lil Scrappy’s twin, Richardson blew folks away on social.

“Omg Emani is so beautiful 😍”

“Emani you killed that look!😍😍” and “Wow she grew up. Beautiful,” wrote those stunned by the 15-year-old’s appearance in the family photos.

Erica Dixon melted hearts with a photo of her three daughters Emani Richardson and twins Embrii and Eryss. (Photo: @msericadixon/Instagram)

Dixon often leaves followers in stitches with posts featuring her teen daughter. From attempting to learn the renegade dance to Dixon capturing the teen in her sisters’ Pack ’n Play, there never seems to be a dull moment for social to see.

The mother of three also teams up with her eldest daughter for “Teen Talk Tuesday” videos, where they discuss everything from boys to dealing with the ongoing pandemic.

And as if Richardson didn’t already have her hands tied with her twin sisters, it looks as though her dad is expecting his second child with wife Bambi.

The couple, who welcomed a son in September 2018, have recently announced they are expecting a girl.

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