‘PJ Getting All the Blame’: Porsha Williams’ Pushup Challenge Derails When Her Daughter Gets in the Way

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Porsha Williams attempts to show off her muscle strength in a pushup challenge that started with her grandmother.

The 38-year-old uploaded several videos of herself and mother, Diane Williams, attempting to do 50 pushups after her grandmother on her maternal side, Iona Sims, did 50 pushups on her 83rd birthday, Saturday, May 9. 

“Ok, soooooo My grandma Iona made 50 push-ups at age *83 look so easy on my previous post, so we tried it! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️ Baby, my mom @msdianeofficial *62 and I *38 been eating our best life and FAILED this challenge, but @pilarjhena loved every moment 😂,” Williams wrote.

“#GrannyIonaPushUpChallenge 🙅🏽‍♀️🤯🥴 Lawd ima do a Lil workout next week… My 83 year old grandma is inspiration enough for me! *Check previous post Birthday Fun with Grandma Iona 🥳 #Blessed #4generations,” she added. 

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Porsha Williams attempting to complete a 50 pushup challenge. @porsha4real/Instagram

Williams’ mother, Diane, could be heard in the background counting down the number of pushups.

Still, as Williams was attempting to complete the challenge, her daughter Pilar Jhena’ McKinley with partner Dennis McKinley continuously tried to participate with her mother by crawling under her. 

“Move, let mommy be great,” Williams told her daughter PJ. 

Williams also faced a dilemma of her boob slipping out of her black spaghetti-strapped dress. 

“Owwww, my breast implants,” Williams said. “I feel like they are splitting apart,” she added. 

Diane warned her daughter that her boob was falling out of her dress, and when PJ crawled under her mother yet again, the Bravo reality star had a nipple slip. 

Fans found the interaction between the generations hilarious, especially how PJ was adamant about making sure her mother didn’t finish the challenge. 

“I’m dyinggg. PJ’s like that drunk friend that you can’t get to turn in for the night 😂😂😂.”

“😂😂😂😭😭😭 girl PJ everywhere, she looking like IDK what game this is, but all I know is I’m having a blast.”

“LOL. PJ was just trying to help y’all out 😂 too cute!! Happy Mother’s Day to you, beautiful ladies ❤️.”

“😂😂😂 poor PJ getting all the blame, lmaooo.”

“PJ, all in the way 😂.”

“This was funny and cute to watch 😂😂.”

“😂 Pj just trying to play.”

“PJ to crunk 😂😂.”

Diane Williams attempting to complete a 50 pushup challenge against her daughter Porsha Williams, a challenge inspired by Diane’s mother, Iona Sims. @porsha4real/Instagram

Diane also attempted the pushup challenge, tooting her buns in the air, to which Williams jokingly pointed out, “She being nasty with it.”

As Diane was trying to outdo her mother, Sims, PJ crawled under Diane like she did with Williams. 

“PJ in my way,” Diane said to Williams. 

While fans continued to crack up in the comments section of PJ getting in her mother and grandmother’s way from completing the pushup challenge, social media users also fawned over Diane’s beauty. 

“I love your Mum she’s Beautiful n you Get it 100& from her… 💖.”

“Dang grandma got it going on 😉.”

“Your mom is beautiful. God bless👑👑.”

While Diane and Williams were in a competitive state, PJ was in a playful mood. It’s safe to say that great-grandma Sims takes home the winning prize in the pushup challenge. 

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