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‘Looking Like Hazel Out Here’: Masika Kalysha’s Seductive Video Derails After Social Media Users Accuse Her of Plastic Surgery

Alexa, please play “Savage Remix,” because former “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” and “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Masika Kalysha can no longer fit her jeans.

In the words of Beyoncé, “If you don’t jump to put jeans on/baby, you don’t feel my pain,” and this proves to be true for the mother of one.

“Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” & “Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Masika Kalysha showcasing her buns in a neon yellow bodysuit. @masikakalysha/Instagram

Kalysha took to the ’Gram Saturday, May 9, showing off her buns in a neon yellow bodysuit writing for the caption, “‘Thought I made it clear when I said don’t play with me, south side of Chicago so I got the blade on me.'”

“#Cappin 5/26/2020 @cassiusjay07 @mallymall @iamkiing #quarantine15 can’t fit my jeans 😩 big body Benz fully loaded 😩 #heavy,” she added.

It’s clear that Kalysha was feeling herself in the short clip she shared with her followers, and so did her fans, as expressed in the 34-year-old’s comment section.


“Nice outfit better body 🍑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“Whoever got her started… thank you 🔥🔥.”

“Sexy momma, my favorite lady ♥️.”

“Sheeeshhhhh, I just wanna lay my head on that thang😩.”

“That’s wassup girl tell them..🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“Bawd poppin periodt 😍.”

“Yes, girl, body, stay good 😍.”

While the majority of her comments are of fans singing her praises, Kalysha did receive backlash from some social media users.

Kalysha faced criticism for allegedly having bun augmentation and resembling “LHHH” foe Hazel-E in the looks department.

“Saw the back of her and got Hazel vibes but carry on.”

“You looking like Hazel out here 😩🙄.”

“Ohhhh, she pulled out the waist trainer on em!!!! Something about her high hips and short torso that gives it old lady trick hips.”

“Leave the surgeries alone, sis.”

“Your body looks so old and big. Stop it, girl; it’s over for you; your body never bounced back after Khari Barbie 🤣.”

“Well, stop getting dem injections in it! 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Kalysha didn’t let the bun injection allegation slide and clapped back at the heckler, writing, “‘baby daddy repellant’ in ur bio says it all 😩😂.”

This week isn’t the first time the reality diva has been accused of having work done. Last May, fans speculated Kalysha had a breast augmentation and liposuction when she uploaded a pic of herself in a yellow two-piece bathing suit.

“He said he was hungry, so I served him 💧,” Kalysha captioned the seductive picture.

Masika Kalysha poses in yellow two-piece bathing suit. @masikakalysha/Instagram

Kalysha’s followers gave their thoughts on her photo, many of which weren’t in her favor.

“D– her stomach, you can see where she got her Lipo at.”

“Those breast implants look like they about to burst, and don’t think for one moment you going to so-called clap at me.”

Kalysha ignored the user’s directive not to respond, writing, “My boobs are too big & my top is too small. I did that on purpose. Imma just pray for yo ugly a– instead.”

Welp! Despite what others may think or feel about her alleged surgeries, Kalysha seems to be confident in her body and doesn’t mind flaunting her physique for her followers.

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