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‘Sorry Try Again’: Keyshia Cole’s Boyfriend Niko Khale Tries to Convince Fans Their Son Is His Twin, They Don’t Buy It

It seems Keyshia Cole and Niko “Khale” Hale‘s fans believe their 9-month-old son Tobias Khale is his mother’s twin.

Hale, 24, took to Instagram on Wednesday, May 6, and shared a side-by-side shot of himself and his son’s baby photos. Convinced that baby Tobias was a spitting image of him, the new father wrote in his caption, “Me as a baby. My son. He still his mama child , but das me right dere. 🤣🤞🏾❤️”

Keyshia Cole
Niko “Khale” Hale (top) and Baby Tobias Khale (bottom) @nikokhale/Istagram

A few fans agreed with Hale and said the infant did indeed favor him.

“Danggggg Niko that’s your twin 😩❤️”

“Yes ! The eyes!😍 I have to say y’all are TWINS 😂💯”

“Twins so precious. He look just like his dad when he smile he look like him too ❤️👏”

Others strongly believed baby Tobias greatly resembled Cole, 37.

“I see a little bit of you but alot of Keyshia”

“No sorry try again that’s Keyshia’s baby lol”

“He most definitely looks like Keyshia. He has a little bit of your features but really his mother’s face … It shows”

“Wow! That’s all Keyshia right there, he’s her Twin lol😍❤️”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole, baby Tobias Khale, Niko Khale Hale and Daniel Gibson Jr. @nikokhale/Instagram

Cole and her boyfriend Hale welcomed their son on August 1, 2019.

The nine month old is Hale’s first child. The “Heaven Sent” singer has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship.

Hale’s post comes nearly a week after Cole showed off the child’s new hairdo on his official Instagram page on April 26. She braided their son’s hair in plaits just like his father and the post read, “Guess who braided my hair 😏 Issa vibe or no?”

Baby Tobias’ new hairdo left fans gushing.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole’s son Tobias Khale @tobiaskhale/Instagram

“Omgggggg 😍 it’s definitely a whole vibe lol Love Love Love his little braids ❤️ looking like his momma”

“TOBI!! 😍 @keyshiacole braid mine when the pandemic is over! 😩. He is so stinkin cute I can’t 💙!”

“Issssssa vibe 💙💙💙 OMG he’s so cute!😍 look at his little smile it just melts my heart”

Hale seems to be enjoying fatherhood at the moment. In a February post, he shared a sweet photo of himself and baby Tobias and captioned it, “Me & My dawg 👊🏽”

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