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‘Lori Snatched Nae’s Friends’: Lori Harvey’s Pic with Taina Williams Leaves Fans Confused About Their Relationship with Reginae Carter

Lori Harvey turned up for Cinco de Mayo with her best friends Amaya Colon, Taina Williams and Asia Carter. The girls relaxed by the pool and were soaking up the sun in their skimpy two-piece bikinis. The models appeared to be enjoying their holiday, but Reginae Carter, a friend of the group, was missing from the photograph, leading fans to believe that the girls purposefully excluded Reginae from their festivities.

Even though their party took place a few days ago, Harvey shared the photo of her and friends in an Instagram story on Thursday, April 7. Colon wore a high-waisted leopard print swimsuit, Williams sported a pink bikini, Asia Carter rocked a patterned bathing suit, and Harvey donned a brown two-piece set. The social media influencers stood in the water as the green California scenery radiated in the background.

(From left to right): Amaya Colon, Taina Williams, Asia Carter and Lori Harvey (Photo): @loriharvey/Instagram story

Reginae Carter and Williams have been friends for years. Fans claimed it was odd for the 21-year-old Carter to be absent from the crew, implying that Harvey and her friends no longer cared for her because of her voluminous appearance.

“Soon as I see them I think of Reginae and get mad for her 😂😂.”

“They didn’t want to include Reginae cause she’s thicker?? Cause they said she didn’t fit the look & I’m guessing this the look.”

“Reginae looks better than all of them 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Reginae woulda ate them up 😫.”

“Damn Lori snatched Nae’s friends just like that.”

“Why they kick Reginae out the crew? 😢.”

“Guess Reginae didn’t fit their look that’s why they’re no longer friends 🙄.”

“Damn they really dropped Nae like a hot potato 😩.”

(From right to left): Taina Williams (front of photo), Amaya Colon, Asia Carter and Lori Harvey (far left) (Photo): @latainax3/Instagram

Reginae Carter addressed her friendship with Williams, the daughter of rapper Fabolous, in a recent interview with Bossip. Lil Wayne‘s daughter mentioned that she and the 22-year-old Williams grew apart. “Me and Taina, our families are family friends, so I feel like we will always have a respect for each other,” she said. “But you know, people fall apart. People grow apart. It’s no beef between us, she love me to death, I love her to death. We gone always rock but some people fall off and that’s what happens,” she added.

Carter unfollowed Williams on Instagram at the beginning of the year, but the friends seemed to have had a rocky relationship for quite some time now. Carter went to Los Cabos, Mexico, in 2018 with Williams and a few other friends to celebrate her birthday. She posted a photo on Instagram that showed her friends wearing light pink dresses, while Williams donned a hot pink dress like the birthday girl. Fans called Williams out for seemingly trying to steal the spotlight.

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