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‘Still Makes Me Sad’: 50 Cent Sparks a Debate with Fans After Revealing Why He Doesn’t Talk to His Firstborn Son

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and his 23-year-old son Marquise Jackson have had a rocky relationship for nearly two years now. The father-son duo have publicly hashed out their differences through social media, but fans have always hoped that the two men would reconcile their relationship.

50 Cent released his new book, “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter” on Tuesday, April 28. The 44-year-old rapper appears to be doing a few promo interviews, but his latest sit-down let fans in on the real reason why him and his firstborn son are feuding. 50 Cent connected with XXL magazine reporter Van Lathan on Tuesday, May 5 for an Instagram Live chat.

50 Cent and Van Lathan (Video Screenshot): XXL/YouTube

During the conversation, the “In da Club” hit maker revealed how his large platform changed his son and son’s mother’s behavior. “It’s a sad situation right, and when you pray for success,  you don’t necessarily pray for the things that come with it, all right. And it’s no such thing as success without jealousy, without envy or entitlement. Entitlement is growing in someone you love is the scariest part, all right. His mom developed an entitlement that cannot be met, filtering that energy through his actual personal interests,” he said.

Curtis “50 Cent Jackson” (L) and Marquise Jackson (R) (Photo): @50cent/Instagram and @199vip/Instagram

The G-Unit rapper explained that he initially blamed Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise’s mother, for his unstable relationship with their son. 50 Cent, however, implied that his son was the one who didn’t want anything to do with him. “I’ve gone places where he was at [and] he left,” he said. 

50 Cent expressed that he used to love his son.”I didn’t think success would cost me my firstborn, but this [is] the situation. My grandfather would say ‘If it rattle like a snake, slither like a snake, is it a snake or do you need to be bit?” the rapper said. “What he’s saying is every time you see the boy, he shows up with somebody you got a problem with. What does that tell you?” he added.

The conversation stirred up a debate among fans. Some claimed they understood 50 Cent’s thought process.

“He said not one thing wrong & I’m not even a fan.”

“I have a better understanding but it still makes me sad for both of them 😢.”


But other fans bashed the New York native for his parenting style.

“This is the worst kind of parent. He’s already scarred that boy by being absent and continues to cause damage by opening his mouth publicly about him. Grow up. You here saying he’s grown, he’s 23-24 you’re older! And you’re the parent. Maturity is a gift. Embrace it @50cent.”


“There shouldn’t be conditions to love your kids. Love your kids unconditionally.” 

50 Cent and Sire Jackson (Photo): @50cent/Instagram

50 Cent seems to have a close relationship with his seven-year-old son Sire Jackson. The two spent quality time together on Easter Sunday by cooking dinner. 50 Cent’s former girlfriend Daphne Joy is the mother to Sire.

50 Cent explains why he and his son don’t speak. Start at the 39:33 mark. (Video): XXL magazine/YouTube
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