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‘That’s Good Country Eating’: Fans Enjoy Marjorie Harvey’s Southern Fried Cooking

Marjorie Harvey recently made her fans well aware that she hasn’t forgotten where she came from despite her glamorous lifestyle. Harvey, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, shared a video on Instagram that showed her whipping up two fried pieces of fish in addition to two fried green tomato slices.

Like most people these days, Steve Harvey‘s wife has spent the majority of her shelter-in-place life posted up in the kitchen. On Monday, May 4, the mother of three prepared a fish sandwich for lunch. In the clip, Marjorie made fun of her eating habits. “When the Memphis just start coming out of you for no reason…I don’t know why… why I’m gonna put this [the fish and the tomatoes].. on this right here [the bread] Aye,” she said.

Marjorie Harvey preparing fried fish and green tomatoes. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Harvey, the founder of The Lady Loves Couture blog, implied in her caption that she has been eating quite frequently during the stay-at-home-period. She wrote: “Why are most of my quarantine post about food? 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣.”

Approximately 24,000 people reacted to the Southern belle’s homemade dish, with many teasing her about her cooking.

“Yesssss Gawwd for the Fried green tomatoes 🔥 🍅 if you don’t eat them don’t comment 😩😂that’s good country eating baby.”

“🤣😂 Because we have time to be creative and share love through food!”

“It’s called balance 🤣🤣🤣🤣.”


“Looks like you got some cooking skills everything looks delicious 💖💖💖.”

“That’s Good ole SOUTHERN COOKING!!! Memphis in the HOUSE👏👏👏👏💥💥.”

“Is that catfish and fried green tomatoes 😋.”

Marjorie Harvey’s fish and tomato sandwich. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Harvey baked an extravagant Chicago-style pizza for her husband last week, so it seems that Harvey can really throw down in the kitchen. Marjorie and Steve have been married for 12 years, but the pair met in 1987 at a comedy club in Marjorie’s hometown. Steve was an up-and-coming comedian at the time.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey. @marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Steve has previously suggested in a video on his website that he fell in love with the now-54-year-old Marjorie at first sight. “The first word I said to Marjorie was, ‘Lady I don’t know who you are …’ I stopped the show. I said, ’ ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’mma marry you one day,’” he recalled.

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