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‘What The Hell Are You Doing?’: Fans Slam Marlo Hampton for Twerking

“You are as young as you feel” is probably something Marlo Hampton would say if you ask her about aging. She recently proved that on Wednesday, April 29 when she posted a video on Instagram that showed her twerking to the ground to Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé‘s new single “Savage Remix.” Her fan base, which she refers to as “The Hamptons,” claimed Hampton was “too old” to dance that way.

Marlo Hampton twerking in her bathroom (Photo): @marlohampton/Instagram

Hampton, a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” wore a black bodysuit, while her jeans hung below her waist. In the video, she showed off her cakes, pulled up her pants, and turned to what appeared to be a bathroom door to wind her body to the ground. She mimicked Megan’s twerking style by bouncing her knees up and down for a few seconds while effortlessly standing up toward the end of the clip.

The former high-end fashion boutique owner hinted in her caption that she had Megan’s most famous asset. She wrote: “🤣⁣⁣ Knees strong.” Hampton seemed to be having a good time, but her fan base did not. They scolded the reality star for her performance.

“Why is NOONE a lady anymore. Everybody thirsty…no morals NONE ..SICK OF IT.”

“A-s out…. It’s not a good look for a woman over 40 and you got those young men in your house, Stop it. You’re beautiful without doing all that. I’m just saying🧡.”

“You’re too old to be acting like this.”

“Too old for this. Nice shape though.”

“Lol she don’t even know how to move it 🤦‍♀️🙄.”

“No no no ! What the hell are you doing?😐.”

“But why are you on ticktock with you butt out ❗️❗️”

“Girl you too old for that sh-t you’re raising your nephews be a role model.”

Marlo Hampton in the pool (Photo): @marlohampton/Instagram

Many people have declared that Hampton drinks from the fountain of youth due to her sprightly personality, but the reality is, the native of Clearwater, Florida, is actually 44 years old.

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