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‘Leave the Lils Alone’: Jojo Simmons Has Fans In Tears After Angela Simmons Discusses Bow Wow

It’s safe to say Jojo Simmons isn’t pulling any punches with his sister Angela Simmons when it comes to dating.

In the April 30 episode of “Growing Up Hip Hop,” the two siblings discuss Angela’s love life and her possibly rekindling with rapper Bow Wow. Jojo, however, apparently wasn’t here for his little sister dating the “So So Def” artist and had no problems expressing his opinion.

“All Im saying is you real close to Bow Wow now. It was Rome now its Bow Wow,” Jojo said to his 32-year-old sister. “You know what you should do? Leave all the littles alone. Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo, if Lil Zane pops up, don’t even talk to him.”

Angela Simmons
Jojo Simmons and Angela Simmons WE TV screengrab

He continued, “Anybody that got a lil in front, Lil Baby, Lil whatever. All the lils gotta go. Anything that starts with l.i.l. leave it alone.”

Angela tagged her brother in her Instagram post on Wednesday, April 29 and wrote, “Growing Up Hip Hop that airs Thursday, April 30 at 9/8c EST @guhh_wetv @wetv ♥️ @jojo_simmons lol 😂.”

Fans cracked up at Jojo giving Angela his honest dating opinion.

“😂😂 anything that STARTS WITH “LIL” leave it ALONE… that part 😂”

“JoJo is hilarious for this! That’s what brothers do.. get on our nerves but they mean well. 😂 All the littles gotta go 😂😂😂”

“BowWow….ain’t Ready! take heed to what your brother is sayin👊🏾💯 Leave It Lone L.I.L.”

“Bro said, “leave the lil’s alone”, too funny! I agree with your brother😭 Bro said, “leave the lil’s alone”, too funny!”

“All The Lils Gotta Go 😂😂 Jo Jo Is Hilarious ! Speaking the truth! Lil carol baskin stay away”

“Leave the “Lils” alone 😂😂😂 Jojo is so right couldn’tntt agree with him more. You need a man Ange”

Angela Simmons
Bow Wow and Angela Simmons @angelasimmons/Instagram

Angela did add in her confessional, “Bow and I we were young. I mean he did a lot of messing up, a lot of it. A lot of hurting my young teenage heart cus he was young and having fun and I was the girl who was ready to commit and it was not the time for that.”

Although Jojo suggested his sister look the other way when it comes to dating Bow Wow, viewers seemed to feel opposite.

During one of Angela and Bow Wow’s confessional, fans noticed the chemistry between them. Some even urged the pair to start dating.

“I hope y’all get together for real !! He could use a good woman (Virgo) like yaself lol. Y’all have great chemistry ❤️”

“Bow wow shooting for 3 🤣 Bow and your chemistry is amazing. Seems like you can be yourself around him. That’s a good sign in a mate.”

“Girl bye you know that’s bae lol. Y’all so cute together😍 I low key hope y’all end up together fr”

Angela and Bow Wow dated during their teen years, but never were in a serious relationship. They have managed to remain friends over the years.

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