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‘I Need a Cold Shower’: Tommie Lee Drives Fans Wild After Posing In This Sexy Kitchen Snap

Tommie Lee has left fans salivating over her latest enticing uploads.

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alumna proved she was one of the baddest models on social media with her body and beauty with a Monday, April 27 Instagram post. Lee uploaded multiple thirst traps on Instagram that showed off all her physical assets.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee @tommiee_/instagram

Lee wore a black thong and a blue fishnet cover up. The garments revealed her derriere, midsection and cleavage. Fans pointed out that they could see her bare breasts due to the small fabric covering them up.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee @tommiee_/instagram

One image showed the mother of two facing the camera with a dazed look on her face and another showed her flaunting her backside. She posed alluringly in all her images and captioned her post, “He know I’m so stingy wit it and ain’t nun of his lil friends hit it! #tommies–t”

Lee racked up 144,000 likes on her photos and a multitude of compliments.

“Well damn bae 🤤 I need some pics without the blue fishnet 😍”

“Step on dey necks babe🔥looking like delicious from flavor 🔥❤️😂”

“Tommie gunz😍😍 when are just going to do a full spread magazine shoot or would you do a playboy shoot?”

“That Ain’t The Babyy… Datss My Babbyyyy🤪🤪 go offffff👅”

“Whew I need a cold shower after this 🤤🥵🤐.. straight to the core wit it… hope he paying attention…”

“Real Atlanta🍑  ur body bomb asf😚🍰 my hand would always hold that lil strap 😍🔥”

Lee’s post comes nearly two weeks after she was slammed for never posting photos of her children on social media.

On April 9, she shared another thirst trap of her wearing a sexy brown swimsuit. She posed sexily inside her bathroom mirror and flossed her Coke bottle frame. Despite receiving praise on her image, one fan questioned why she always posted sexy personal photos and never images of her two daughters.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee @tommiee_/Instagram

The person wrote, “Why never pic with the fam? Ppl dont have kids wish they do and ppl who have kids act like savages smh.”

Lee let it be known that she is adamant about keeping her children out of the public eye and resonded, “I have plenty they’re at my home, my family is not for IG this is a place of business for me…”

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