‘Was Cheating In the Plan?’: ‘Friends and Family’ Hustle Fans Roast T.I. After He Explains How He and Tiny Harris Started Dating

It seems “T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle” viewers aren’t really sold on T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ love story.

T.I. is clearly a man who knows what he wants, so it comes as no surprise that he had his eye on his wife Tiny before they even met. In the April 27 episode of the VH1 series, the “King” rapper explained to his wife how he knew they were going to be together.

Tiny Harris and T.I. VH1 screengrab

“Let me tell you something, I always knew I was gone bag you,” T.I. told the Xscape singer while they spent time at an ice cream parlor. ” ‘I knew I was gone get you; I knew I was. I just had to be introduced to you. I was just gone walk up to you and say ‘hey I don’t know what else you got going on it ain’t nothing like this. This is your blessing.’ “

Tiny coyly ignored her husband’s comments and said in her confessional, “Man Tip is tripping on this blessing bs. Don’t he realize he lucky to have me after all this time.”

When T.I. suggested that most women would love to be in Tiny’s shoes, Tiny replied, “She might want her sanity.”

However, “Friends and Family” hustle viewers slapped down T.I.’s sweet comments to his wife, thanks to his past indiscretions in their marriage.

“T.I is such a narcissist.  a malignant one. The worst of the worst lol”

“He knew he was gone cheat to ?? 😂 When he met tiny he just had dejah and damoni, two kids by two different ladies”

“Oh Clifford Pleassssee😩. Give us a break already…”

“‘This is yo blessing’ WHAT?! Other than their children together.. what blessing?! Tuh.. bc he sure ain’t. 😩💀”

“Infidelity was the blessing? And he know her ass ain’t going no where”

T.I. and Tiny began dating in 2001 and tied the knot nine years later.

Although he’s cheated multiple times in the past, the couple appear to be happier now in their marriage. They share three children together and have a blended family of seven.

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