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‘She Look Like Her Mommy’: Stevie J.’s Photo of 3-Year-Old Daughter Derails When Fans Say She Looks Just Like Joseline Hernandez

It could be that Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez‘s daughter Bonnie Bella is taking after her mother in the looks department.

On Sunday, April 26, the “Hitman” producer posted a darling photo of the 3-year-old to his Instagram page. Baby Bonnie looked extremely fashionable, while posing against a mirror. She sported a baby blue dress with matching color ballet shoes, a white sweater paired with her dress and a light pink scarf. The toddler also rocked her hair in braids with pink and translucent beads.

Stevie J.
Bonnie Bella Hernandez @hitmansteviej_/Instagram

Stevie and Hernandez’s daughter smiled big for the camera as her father seemingly snapped a picture. He gushed over his youngest child and captioned the post with a black heart emoji.

Fans also noted how adorable baby Bonnie looked. Others were blown away by how much she resembled Hernandez.

“Itty bitty self. She’s a jewel! 🖤❤️ she looks like you and her mom”

“I literally hear “CHEEESSSSSSE!!” coming from this pic. She’s so adorable. She look just like her beautiful mommy ❤️💋😍”

“Looking like Joseline, the older she gets the more she favors her Mommy 💜😍😊💯 Aww she so beautiful ❤️”

“Stevie you and Faith keep Bonnie Bella looking cute and clean💜 she does look like her mommy!”

“She’s growing up so fast, she’s absolutely adorable. Yazzzzzzzz. Mom and Dads precious child .. ❤️👩‍✈️”

“Hello cutie omg she is a sweetheart Stevie look at this lil doll😍”

In a recent interview with The Zeus Network, Hernandez said her daughter was staying at the home of Stevie J. in California during stay-at-home orders as a result of COVID-19.

“Bonnie Bella’s in California living her best life,” Hernandez said. “She got caught during the quarantine. … Which is cool because she’s in a beautiful big house, she’s having a good time, she’s got the pool, she’s got the jacuzzi. She’s doing amazing.”

Stevie J.
(From left to right): DJ Balistic Beats, Joseline Hernandez, Faith Evans, Bonnie Bella and Stevie J. @joseline/Instagram

Bonnie Bella is Hernandez’s only child. She’s the youngest of the six children of Stevie J.

Fans have applauded both Stevie J. and Hernandez for learning how to co-parent their daughter despite their differences.

““Yesss coparenting! Growth! I see you Joseline ♥️♥️♥️”

“I’m so proud of you and stevie . Yall put the bs aside for bonnie ❤️”

“She has really grown up in the past years a child will change you as a person if you are a real mom. I’m glad to see her and Stevie getting along for the child of nothing else. Great job joseline”

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