‘Look Like Y’all at Peace’: Rasheeda Frost Remains Unbothered By Teen Bride Drama In New Video with Husband Kirk

It looks like Rasheeda and her husband Kirk Frost are clearly unfazed by the hearsay surrounding their marriage.

On Sunday, April 26, the former “Boss Chick” rapper took to Instagram and posted a video that shows her and her husband enjoying their weekend amid the coronavirus pandemic. The couple were spotted at their fairly new Frost Bistro bar together, sipping on a margarita.

In the video, Rasheeda, 37, told fans, “I wanted a margarita and Kirk said ‘you want a margarita baby; come on.’ ” She added that her husband ‘s offer to make her a drink is what landed them at their bar.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost @rasheeda/Instagram

The “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star also wrote in her caption, “This is our Saturday Night vibe!!😩😜 A #quarantine Saturday Night me & @frost117 ain’t got nothing else to do 😭😭🤣🤣”

Fans were happy to see Rasheeda and Kirk, 51, seemingly in good spirits despite their latest drama.

“I just love y’all!!!😍❤️😘”

“I’m so glad y’all worked it out. Y’all are too stinking cute😍😍”

“It’s good see the both together you are look like y’all at peace . ( I know it’s a show . I love see you two happiness”

“That is so dope!! I wanna be like y’all and I’m working on it!!!”

“Yaw so cute God bless yaw im glad yaw got through all the drama that life brings u but yaw love is strong many more blessings 🙏”

Nearly three weeks ago, rumors of the Pressed owner being a teen bride and adopted by her spouse circulated all over the internet and sparked backlash from fans. The two denied the rumors and claimed they were absolutely false.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost amd Kirk Frost @kirkfrost/Instagram

“First of all I f–king adopt Rasheeda, I don’t even answer stupid s–t but since y’all on the stupid s–t I’m not interested in adopting Rasheeda,” the father of five said in a now-deleted series of videos. “I would definitely not be into marrying nobody at mutherf–king 17 and I’m 31.”

Rasheeda defended herself and her family, adding, “I damn sure wasn’t thinking about getting married at 17. I have a son who’s 19 like come on.”

Rasheeda and Kirk have been married for 20 years and share two sons together.

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