‘I Can’t Get Jiggy With This’: Fans Are In Tears After Letoya Luckett Gives Her Husband a Haircut

“Well, I can’t take no more” were the words that set up what may go down as one of the most unforgettable haircuts Tommicus Walker has ever received in his life, and it is all thanks to his wife Letoya Luckett, and weeks of sheltering in place.

Walker typically has a fly haircut that shows off his waves and a perfectly maintained goatee.

Letoya Luckett gives her husband Tommicus Walker a haircut he will never forget. (Photo: @tommicuswalker/Instagram)

He requested that his wife shape up his hair. With a cellphone in his hand, he recorded his very pregnant wife combing his short afro and moments of her cutting his hair as low as possible all around the sides and back until all he had left was a tuft of hair similar to Bert from Sesame Street.

“Baby you took me all the way out the game!,” said Walker showing off what he was left to work with. Folks on social had a field day in the comments after viewing the laughable moment.

“U gotta cut that top part off too chief 😹”

“nooooo this is not it!! You should have just kept the hair!!”

“A flat top take it on back then”

Luckett made sure to jump in the comments to provide context to what took place.

“Lol Just so y’all know , this was HIS idea. I didn’t want to do this, but he literally asked 3 times…so I did. He guided me through this whole process & said , & I quote,” I got the top , just hit the sides” he ALSO said he use to cut his OWN hair & that,” We should be good. 🙄” He still handsome though 😬❤️ @tommicuswalker”

“I Stan for you sis 😂 don’t let him just out you like this”

“This is Love baby I was crying laughing at the video 😂”

“you were off to a good start not sure what occurred in the middle 😭”

Walker is in good company when it comes to getting an at-home cut. Even R&B crooner Usher practiced this crazy test of trust with his two sons in a now-deleted IG Story.

“I can’t get jiggy with this REMAINING IN QUARATINE FOR 2 additional weeks.”

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