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‘New Level’: Tommie Lee’s ‘Long Legs’ Set The Internet Up In Flames

Tommie Lee took her latest Instagram beauty post to a ‘new level’ on Wednesday, April 22. Lee, a former cast member of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” posted a photo that showed her reclining on a white leather couch. The 35-year-old Lee’s position left people salivating over her long legs.

The reality star wore an all-white bodysuit, and struck her pose by slightly opening her legs. Lee, a brand ambassador for Fashion Nova, indicated in her caption that the garment was from the boutique.

Tommie Lee reclining on an all-white couch (Photo): @tommie_/Instagram

Lee racked up over 140,000 likes for her photo. People admired her all-white drip and complimented Lee on her physique.

“Tommiee with the long legs 😍.”

“Long pretty legs😍 small waist cute face 🙌🏾.”

A third user wrote, “MILK 🥛 😍 .”

“So radiant setting off the tight white 😍😍.”

“All white everything 🔥🔥🔥 Ghost these mfs 😍,” a fifth user encouraged.

A sixth commented, “It’s the body for me 💪🏽🔥 .”

“New Level😍.”

An eighth user said, “Legs for dayssss.”

Tommie Lee modeling her white bodysuit (Photo): @tommie_/Instagram

Lee has been flaunting her figure on social media quite a bit. She came under fire on Monday, April 20, for posting a photo on Instagram that showed her wearing a skimpy two-piece set. Fans claimed the mother of two went under the knife and accused her of getting liposuction in addition to a Brazilian Butt Lift. She revealed in a 2017 Instagram Live video that she has not had any cosmetic procedures.

Tommie Lee wore a revealing two-piece set and fans claimed she got plastic surgery. (Photo): @tommie_/Instagram

“My cheeks, my face I didn’t get surgery on my face,” she stressed. She, however, urged people suffering from self-esteem issues to pursue plastic surgery if they’d like. “If you feel like your face is ugly or your body and there’s a way out there to fix yourself, do it! Live happy while you’re here on earth. Fix everything about you that you feel like makes you insecure,” she added.

The social media influencer has yet to respond to the recent plastic surgery accusations from fans.

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