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‘Twinning’: Fans Claim Cardi B And Karlie Redd Look Alike

If you ask fans, Cardi B and Karlie Redd “looked like twins” in a Thursday, April 23 Instagram post. Bambi Benson, a cast member on “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” posted a photo on Instagram that showed her laughing with “LHHATL” fellow cast members Karlie Redd and Mimi Faust. The trio appeared to be having the time of their lives, and fans who reacted to the photo revealed they had to do a double take at the image. Some expressed that they thought the 46-year-old Redd was actually Cardi B.

The girls dressed up and were headed to film their behind-the-scenes interviews for their reality show. Benson wore a shimmery jumpsuit, Redd sported a long-sleeve white dress, and Faust came through dripping in a strapless black two-piece pants ensemble. The ladies smiled wide and seemed to be in high spirits. Benson wrote in her caption: “😄 ✨✨” to describe their mood.

Bambi Benson, Karlie Redd and Mimi Faust (Photo): @adizthebam/Instagram

Fans claimed they were flabbergasted to see how much Redd favored the “Bodak Yellow” lyricist. They flooded Benson’s page with their reactions.

“Karlie look like Cardi B on here😍.”

“Karlie Redd and Cardi B really look like twins, so gorgeous😄.”

“Omg she loooks like Cardi B right here.”

“Karlie look like Cardi,” wrote a fourth.

A fifth user admitted, “I really thought that was Cardi in the middle.”

“Thought Karlie was Cardi! 😍 .”

“Karlie Redd and Cardi B are for sure twinning! Almost thought this was her!”

An eighth commented, “Totally thought that was Cardi B.”

Karlie Redd (L) and Cardi B (R) (Photos): @iamkarlieredd/Instagram and @iamcardib/Instagram

Redd and Cardi B share a few similarities with each other. They both credit their swag and their spunky personalities to their East Coast roots. Redd grew up in New York City while the 27-year-old rapper came straight from The Bronx.

Redd, an actress on “Saints & Sinners,” has been a full-time cast member of “LHHATL” since its premiere in 2012. The “I Like It” hit maker starred in “Love and Hip-Hop: New York” from seasons 6 to 7, but departed from the show in 2016 to pursue her rap career. Cardi B released an album, “Invasion of Privacy,” in 2018 and received a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album the following year.

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