‘Tobi Is Your Twin!’: Keyshia Cole Fans Claim Her 8-Month-Old Son Resembles Her In This Pic

Keyshia Cole‘s infant son Tobias Khale is apparently a carbon copy of his mother.

The “You Complete Me” singer posted an adorable photo that shows her and her 8-month-old son sitting side by side together. Cole posted the up-close selfie to Instagram on Thursday, April 23. She wrote in the caption, “This picture just cracks me up.!! 😩 #Twin @tobiaskhale slide the frame to see the FAM. ❤️💕😍 @daniel_gibsonjr @nikokhale”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole and her son Tobias Khale @keyshiacole/Instagram

Cole also posted a sweet family photo of her, her oldest son, 10-year-old Daniel Gibson Jr., and her boyfriend Niko “Khale” Hale. Khale was holding their tearful son on his back, as DJ hugged both his mother and little brother.

Cole’s fans gushed over her post. They also remarked over her and baby Tobias’ resemblance.

“Omg twinning”

“He soo adorable and looks just like you! He’s definitely your twin girl”

“Tobi is your twin! 😍”

“He looks just like her and him@is sooo handsome❤️ Beautiful family! the bond you all have is so lovely and heart warming 😍”

“Look at him cheeks he is so darn adorable. Looking just like you ❤️ y’all are identical twins‼️”

“Aww beautiful family❤️ He’s too cute, he’s definitely your twin”

Keyshia Cole
(L) Keyshia Cole, Daniel Gibson Jr., baby Tobias Khale and Niko Khale (R) @keyshiacole/Instagram

Cole and Khale welcomed their son Tobias into the world on August 1.

The little one is the couple’s first child together. The “Heaven Sent” artist shares DJ with estranged husband and former NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson.

Keyshia Cole
(L) Keyshia Cole bay Tobias Khae, Niko Khale Hale and Daniel Gibson @nikokhale/Instagram

Before this post, Cole and Khale were a hot topic after the 24-year-old songwriter and rapper posted a video in which he was wearing lightweight sweatpants that caught the attention of lustful fans who posted sexual-related comments. He decided to remove the video because of those comments and posted a completely new one with him donning thicker sweatpants. His actions clearly impressed Cole. She wrote on his post, “Smh. U had to put on thicker sweats and turn around when u do the hip thrust 😂… #Respect✊🏽”

Fans also noticed and followed her reaction with comments.

“@nikokhale yeah keyshia said no sir lol. 🤣”

“Lmao took the first video one down quick 😱😭. We know why 🍆”

“ol what a wife looks at lol, I’m looking like oh my goodness he has his pants up this is great! Girl y’all make me want to go cougar some sh** his mind is everything and it’snot normal. GOD continue to bless y’all 🙏🏾”

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