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Tiffany Haddish and Common Seemingly Confirm Romance Rumors After They Go on a Virtual Date

Tiffany Haddish may have confirmed that she and Common are an actual couple, not just friends like she’s been claiming. The two appeared in an ad for Bumble’s virtual dating service, where they talked, danced, ate and flirted with each other.

Haddish posted a video of the ad to her Instagram TV page on Wednesday, April 22. It starts with the rumored couple getting ready for the virtual date. Haddish reveals she’ll wear a black dress, and Common wonders if shoes are necessary. “Will she see my feet? I don’t want anybody to see these feet,” he said.

Common and Tiffany Haddish went on a virtual date, which intensified dating rumors about the two. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage via Getty Images)

The actress then receives her date invitation from Common on the app, which she says yes to. “Well, let’s go!” Haddish yells.

From there, Common tells Haddish that she’s beautiful, and she tells the rapper that he’s handsome.

“The fact that we can’t be in the same place right now. Just to get to see you and be with you is great,” Common told her. “I’m hoping you can feel the vibes through the Bumble app.”

Haddish then hears someone at her door, and it’s someone delivering flowers that Common sent.

The two ordered some food after that and said they’d order extra for the health care workers helping with COVID-19 patients. Seconds later, Common suggested they dance together, which they did.

“You’re so sweet and romantic,” Haddish told him.

In the comments of the clip, someone asked Haddish if the dialogue was real or scripted, according to MadameNoire, and she said it was real. A lot of people also gushed over the video.

“Y’all better stop playing and make it official!!! Y’all look good together!!!” wrote one of Haddish’s Instagram followers.

“I really hope this is real cause u guys would be so cute❤️❤️❤️,” another person commented.

Dating rumors first surrounded the couple in 2018 when they were spotted leaving an after party for the film “Uncle Drew” together.

Those rumors only intensified earlier this month when the pair were seen sheltering in place together after Haddish was a guest on Cedric The Entertainer and DJ Kid Capri‘s “Healing Through Laughter” event.

On Wednesday, April 22, Haddish was a guest on the “Today” show, and around the 3:38 mark Hoda Kotb asked her about the new Bumble ad as well as the Common dating rumors.

“Get out of my bedroom, Hoda,” the comedian joked. “It’s just me and my bedroom and all my clean clothes. I done piled all the clean clothes up next to me so it feels like somebody in the bed.”
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