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‘This Clown S–t’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Slam Scrapp DeLeon’s Sister and Kiyomi Leslie for Fighting Over a Man Sleeping With Them Both

It looks like “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” fans aren’t here for the current beef brewing between Kiyomi Leslie and Cheyenne.

Leslie, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Bow Wow, and Cheyenne, the sister of “LHHATL” cast mate Scrapp DeLeon, nearly came to blows on the show after it was revealed they were both dating Shooter.

Kiyomi Leslie
Cheyenne (left) and Kiyomi Leslie (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

In the April 20 episode, Leslie revealed that her and Shooter, Sierra Gates‘ ex-husband, were dating for about a year and had an open relationship. Shooter told Leslie he was dating Cheyenne as well as her. Due to the nature of their open relationship, Leslie wasn’t upset at all about Shooter and Cheyenne’s romance.

Cheyenne, on the other hand, supposedly had no idea Shooter was romantically involved with another woman until Yung Joc’s mini get-together. Cheyenne and her brother DeLeon arrived at Joc’s event, only to run into Shooter and Leslie. Things quickly went from zero to one hundred when Cheyenne confronted both Leslie and Shooter.

Cheyenne tried to pull Shooter aside to discuss their relationship issues, but Leslie refused to let Shooter leave her side. Moments later, Cheyenne tried to charge at Leslie but was held back by security. In response, Leslie took off her heel and threw it Cheyenne. Both were placed on opposite sides of the room afterward.

Kiyomi Leslie
Kiyomi Leslie and Shooter. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

LHHATL” viewers slammed both Cheyenne and Leslie for fighting over Shooter, while others took sides.

“Shooter has low self-esteem…and when women fight over him, it strokes his ego. These women are beautiful, its sad that they choose to lower their standards to a man with no self worth💔. They need to team up and fight him not each other”

“These girls really think it’s okay to let a man cheat as long as you are the ‘Main’ piece then they’ll cry about it later. A JOKE! This is clown sh-t!”

“Shooter is a mess …they should have both slapped wait where is Sierra? He had kiyomi around their son… these shows are getting messy”

“Ya’ll females better stop letting these men disrespect ya’ll like this. you must remind them that in order for them to walk on this earth they have to come through woman to get here respect.”

“You don’t ever address the woman. You always address the man. If he say it wasn’t like that then he should’ve explained that to Cheyanne instead of having her thinking they was in a whole relationship. Kudos to Kayomi cuz at least she accept the fact they in an open relationship 🤣”

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