‘We’ve Been Cooped Up Too Long’: Serena Williams Comes Off as Stir Crazy In Latest Video

Without the hassle of trying to manage motherhood and a professional athletic career, it seems tennis phenom Serena Williams has a lot of extra time on her hands that has lead her down the TikTok rabbit hole of social media.

Standing at a solid 5 feet 9, the seven-time Wimbledon winner put on her Snow White dress, pressed play on her cellphone and proceeded to act a fool.

Fans think being cooped up in the house may be getting to tennis super star Serena Williams. @serenawilliams/Instagram

In a sing-songy kind of way, she said, “Hello, I’m back, I’m going to stick this [a plate of food] in the microwave for two minutes. Speaking of backs, my dress doesn’t fit in the back.” Williams then turned to reveal the back of her dress that was only zipped up halfway.

It seems even the most mundane tasks have become an opportunity for folks stuck at home under shelter-in-place orders to lighten the mood. Her millions of social followers found humor in the brief video, as well as came to the conclusion that it was time for everyone to get some fresh air.

“This girl has lost her mind LOL,” wrote one person.

“I think we’ve been cooped up to long!!!” wrote another.

“LMAOOOO 3 weeks into quarantine be like”

“Literally me after all these weeks staying home & eating nonstop! 😩😂,” wrote one person who hinted that their clothes may also be reaching a breaking point.

In another video the superstar is rocking one of her tennis outfits as she does a family roll call before using her husband for a piggyback ride.

The video’s caption read, “Staying inside and spending time with my family, my home team. Give it up for my #startinglineup!”

“You are totally enjoying your family life! Love it 😍😍😂😂”

“😂😂😂She bored like the rest of us”

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