‘Therapy Is One Of God’s Gifts’: Michelle Williams Encourages Fans to Seek Professional Help When Dealing with Trauma and Abuse

Former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams opened up about her longtime battle with depression a few years ago and has served as an advocate for mental health awareness within the black community ever since. The singer-songwriter recently gave advice to fans who were suffering from trauma and abuse within their own lives.

Williams took to Twitter on Saturday, April 11 to encourage fans to seek out professional resources when dealing with traumatic experiences. “It’s ok to process your trauma/abuse with trusted professionals in the area of mental health!! Counseling and Therapy is one of God’s gifts too!!,” she wrote.

Michelle Williams urged fans to seek professional help when dealing with mental health issues. @RealMichelleW/Twitter

One social media user asked the “Say Yes” lyricist about which professionals she specifically recommends for people battling mental health issues. The fan wanted to know if individuals could rely on church officials to help them navigate through their problems.

“But what about the Doctor bishops elders reverend doctors? Dds, dd,” her fan asked.

A social media user asked Michelle Williams if people should trust church officials with their mental health problems. @RealMichelleW/Twitter

Williams strongly urged her follower to only receive help from trained mental health professionals. “Absolutely not!! If they don’t have training, certification in mental health counseling! Prayer is awesome but so is getting to the root of behaviors and responses to trauma and abuse,” she added.

Michelle Williams told her fan to only seek mental health advice from trained mental health professionals. @RealMichelleW/Twitter

Williams, a native of Illinois, shared she checked herself into a Los Angeles mental health facility in an interview with Robin Roberts of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” She explained she fell into a deep depression shortly after her reunion with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland at the 2018 Coachella Festival. The 40-year-old gospel artist told Roberts she has been doing well psychologically since receiving treatment and has become more mindful about calling people “crazy.”

“When I was in the mental health facility, I didn’t see anybody that looked crazy. I didn’t see anybody strapped up, I didn’t see anybody doing crazy behavior. And literally since then, I watch my mouth. I don’t call people crazy anymore. Some people…they just need help,” she told Roberts.

The reality star from “Chad Loves Michelle” opened up about her depression in the hopes of removing the negative stigma associated with mental health within the black community.

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