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‘NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD BE GOING TO BEYONCÉ CONCERT’:  Preacher Slammed for Comparing Beyoncé to a ‘Witch’ And Condemning Christians Who Attend Her Concerts; Michelle Williams Hits Back

Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child seemingly responded to prophetess Tiphani Montgomery’s sermon that referred to Beyoncé as a witch and criticized anyone who was planning on attending her Renaissance World Tour concert.

On Sunday, Feb. 12, Williams uploaded a three-minute video on her Instagram page, saying that she was “entering the chat” to defend entertainers she is close with.

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams Photo: @michellewilliams/Instagram

“I am just watching a lot going on, things that are being said, specifically about entertainers,” she began, “umm, specifically about entertainers that I even have relationships with, umm entertainers that I know off the stage.” 

Williams went on to express her wish for Christians to cast more public invocations rather than public scoldings over the pulpit.   

“I just wish we would pray as publicly for entertainers as we rebuke them and damn their soul to hell,” Williams also rebuked Montgomery’s condemnation of hell toward Christians in the industry that support Beyoncé, “I know it ain’t my calling mission, umm, to damn entertainers to hell and to say that they would drop dead. The devil is a lie.”

As her video continued, the “Say Yes” vocalist urged everyone to know Christ for themselves whether they are in the entertainment industry or not because a personal relationship allows one to evolve into their best being. 

“Once you have that relationship with Christ, you know certain things you will do and won’t do anymore. Just like you used to pop bottles and drop it’s like it’s hot and the Lord changed your life, it’s a possibility that God will do the same things to others,” Williams said.

Reiterating once again that “the devil is a liar,” the 43-year-old gospel artist ended her video wishing that all humans form a true understanding of Christ. 

On Feb. 9, Montgomery shared a “Covered By God” teaching that was streamed live on different social media accounts. During her lesson, the entrepreneur brought up Yoncé’s fan base, “The Bey Hive,” and insinuated that the name had connections to her being a witch.

“When a witch has a coven it’s normally a small thing,” Montgomery said at the 1:25:06 mark of the video. “Witches covens are normally three to seven people.” Montgomery added, “When it becomes thousands it’s called a hive, y’all a part of that lady beehive? And you call yourself a Christian?”

The “Millionaire Mistress” saga writer then cast, “the dealings of the Lord” to all Beyoncé fans and referred to her concert as an “initiation,” “ritual” and “gate.”

She also brought up Billboard’s GOAT of Hip-Hop, Jay-Z’s, and his “HOV” nickname, saying that he is referring to himself as God.

“Why do you think that man call himself Jay-Hova, it was short for Jehovah,” Montgomery said at the 1:24:57 mark.

Montgomery ended her condemnations with, “May the dealings of the Lord come upon any Christian with a platform that is using mixture.” 

Since Friday, Montgomery’s message has been plastered all over various social media sites, where she began to receive a ton of backlash. A few fans even dug up some of Montgomery’s old tweets from 2014 where she is praising Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

“Got a chance to catch the Jay-Z and Beyoncé concert and it was AMAZING,” one of her tweets read.

Despite mixed reactions, Montgomery continues to support her words and even changed her Instagram bio to, “NO CHRISTIAN SHOULD BE GOING TO BEYONCÉ CONCERT!!!” 

Montgomery also recently posted an Instagram video of her message, writing that her prayers for God to make it go viral have come true. 

While Williams responded to Montgomery’s lesson, neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z has.

However, fans on social media had a lot to say about Williams’s response.

“Yes! Speak because Tiphhani cannon tell u what to do m neither can she judge Beyonce. Her sermon was completely self-righteous and she needs to reevaluate the ‘saving’ he went through so she understands that our job on earth is not to slander others and use them for clout, not to judge ppl u kno nothing about, not to condemn people.”

“Exactly Michele! I’m so tired of these types of Christians.”

“False prophets are real…unfortunately a lot of them reside in the pulpit on Sunday.”

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