‘That S–t Ain’t Funny’: Gucci Mane Dragged to Filth for Wishing Death on His ‘Haters’

It looks like Gucci Mane isn’t one to keep his enemies close.

The “We Don’t Luv Em” rapper faced backlash this week for posting an insensitive tweet about the current pandemic. He took to his Instagram account on Easter Sunday, April 12 and wrote, “I pray my haters die of corona virus,” with a masked emoji. He attached a photo of himself shirtless and added in his caption, “Happy Easter 🐰”

Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane @laflare1017/Instagram

It’s unclear if the 40-year-old rapper were addressing a specific person, but his tweet drew strong reactions from Twitter and Instagram users.

“This ain’t it big dog 🤷🏾‍♂️. This isn’t in alignment with your growth. You’re better than this.”

“That s–t ain’t funny. We can tell u ain’t Saved, you wish something like this jokingly or not on Resurrection Sunday. God gone find a way to Humble you REAL SOON‼️ JUST WATCH‼️”

“Sir… please humble yourself. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. I would never!”

“You have been so blessed you don’t need this. In life we have to be mindful . You reap what you sow 👎🏾👎🏾”

“Not the “BEST” thing to tweet at this moment in time whilst the world is going through the virus it’s self which is killing hundreds and thousands of people worldwide!!”

“So you just wishing death on ppl cus they are haters? 😑 You have to be miserable to do that smh. Thought you changed”

Although the Alabama native has since tweeted and posted on his Instagram account, he has yet to address the backlash he’s received.

For some people, the current pandemic can cause severe illness especially for those with pre-existing health problems. The numbers constantly change, but as of the evening of Thursday, April 16, there were more than 654,000 confirmed cases in the United States and over 31,000 deaths.

Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane @laflare1017/Instagram

Before Gucci’s outburst this past weekend, the rapper was praised for turning over a new leaf in his life. Not only has he lost a total of 100 pounds since being released from prison in 2016 for firearm and drug possession charges, he also got his mental health back on track.

“I had time to sit back and evaluate everything, and also dry out from the drugs. I tried to make the time work for me the best I could,” the 40-year-old artist said on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” talk show in 2017. “I didn’t want to live my life in prison. So I was like, one thing I need to do is be totally sober. I need to have complete clarity. I need to have razor sharp focus on everything I do, every day from when I wake up to when I go to sleep.”

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