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‘You Do Anything to Show Your Body Off’: Fans Blast Draya Michele for Her Thirst Trap Photos

Draya Michele has been flaunting her figure on social media for the past several weeks, and fans appear to be growing tired of looking at her thirst trap photos. Michele, a former reality star from “Basketball Wives,” uploaded an in-the-house photo of herself to Instagram on Wednesday, April 8, and some fans seemingly felt uncomfortable.

Michele, the ex-fiancée of free agent NFL cornerback Orlando Scandrick, appeared to be relaxing in her Los Angeles home at the time she snapped the photo. Michele was stretched out across her hardwood floors and looked as if she were exhausted from exercising earlier. The founder of Mint Swimwear wore a black sports bra and a pair of pink biker shorts as her work-from-home ensemble.

Draya Michele lying across her hardwood floors. @drayamichele/Instagram

The stripper-turned-television personality posed for the photo by slightly lifting her hips. Some people attacked Michele for purposely showing off her derriere and accused her of seeking attention.

“You do anything to show your body off some kind of way🙄,” a fan wrote.

“You been advertising that box hard lately,” a second fan jokingly said.

A third user scoldingly wrote, “Now Draya….”

“What’s going on here,” a fourth fan asked.

A fifth user commented, “Lol you bored huh 😂.”

“Girl you don’t have to show off your a-s all the time,” a sixth mentioned.

The harsh comments irked Michele, and she fired back at the people who were talking about her figure. “Sorry all my pics are not selfies. Kinda hard not to include my body🤔,” she wrote sarcastically.

Her clapback caused other fans to jump to the 35-year-old’s defense.

“Flaunt it sister 😍.. period 🗣 anybody that had a body like that would do the same thing so byeeeee bums 🙄 I know I would & would NOT GAF 🙌🏼😂 ,” a fan encouraged.

Another commented, “A lot of insecure women in these comments, y’all should stop complaining & work out too 🤷🏽‍♂️.”

Draya Michele modeling one of her Mint Swimwear swimsuits. @drayamichele/Instagram

People have accused the Fenty x Savage lingerie model of posting more thirst trap photos since she has been single. Michele and Scandrick called their relationship quits last December. The pair have a 3-year-old son together named Jru Scandrick. Michele has another son from a previous relationship, and Scandrick also has twin daughters with another mother.

Draya Michele and her ex-fiancé Orlando Scandrick. @drayamichele/Instagram

Michele and Scandrick have broken up and gotten engaged multiple times throughout the course of their six-year relationship, so fans are unsure if their breakup remains official.

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