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‘Where is Daddy?’: Dr. Heavenly Shakes What Her Mama Gave Her in This ‘The Players Club’ TikTok, Fans Call on Her Husband

Married to Medicine” favorite Dr. Heavenly Kimes was caught in rare form while dressed in a leopard ’fit and re-enacting a scene from “The Players Club” movie on TikTok.

From mouthing a couple of profanities , to standing on a sofa and proceeding to drop that thang low and pop it, the beloved reality TV star had fans peeking through their fingers and laughing at her acting all the way up.

Dr. Heavenly cuts up on TikTok with her best impression of Ronnie from “The Players Club” movie. @dr_heavenly/Instagram

The comical video posted Thursday surpassed 200,000 views and racked up more than 5,000 comments that ranged from laughter, a little confusion and some who had to hang their heads low unsure if they should watch her shake what her mama gave her.

“Where is daddy? Do he know you acting a fool on insta ? 😩😂😂❤️” and “F–k it we calling Damon 🤷🏽‍♀️,” wrote fans who just knew her husband Dr. Damon “Daddy” Kimes should have had a mouthful to say about his wife’s shenanigans.

“Lmfao what the hell … cmon Doc😩😂,” commented one person.

Someone who seemingly approved of the antics wrote, “No she did not😂😂😂😂yes!!!😂😂😂”

“Why I felt like I was looking at mom”

“Nooo😂😂😂😂😂wth!!! Y’all losing y’all mind! Lmaoooo,” said another person who has probably seen “The Players Club” TikToks become the wave around social.

“Not with the cross dangling on her neck like that 😂”

“See i knew Dr.Heavenly wasn’t so heavenly”

Even the movie’s star, actress LisaRaye McCoy, took to social and showed folks what she was working with. While chatting with fans on Instagram Live the beauty showed folks she still knew a bit of her famous strip routine from the movie.

Her live performance was just a snippet of the moment from movie, but it was just enough to have tongues wagging.

“Diamond babyyyyy 😩 love me some you!”

“You still got it 🔥😍😍😍”

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