‘You Your Daddy’s Daughter’: Reginae Carter Evokes Her Father’s Every Mannerism in Latest TikTok Video, and Fans Have a Field Day


Reginae Carter continues to reign with her latest TikTok scripts.

The young actress and her latest movie and skit re-enactments have been a hit with social media users over the past few weeks. On Wednesday, April 8, she decided to channel someone special, her father and rap icon Lil Wayne.

Carter posted a video of her imitating her father’s 2012 deposition video from a lawsuit he’d filed against producers who made the rap documentary, “The Carter.” At the time, Wayne claimed the makers of the documentary weren’t authorized to use his music.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter. @colormenae/Instagram

During the rapper’s deposition with the producers’ lawyer, Pete Ross, Wayne seemingly threatened him and said, “You know he can’t save you, right? [motions to the judge] In the real world. That guy right there. He can’t save you in the real world. Just so you know.”

Carter imitated her father’s leaked deposition video and lipped each word exactly the way he said it. She even copied Wayne’s exact mannerisms and wore a gray hoodie similar to his in the clip.

The 21-year-old captioned her Instagram post with a laughing emoji. Her fans were impressed by how perfectly she mimicked her father.

“😂 I’ve been waiting for this one !! You are definitely your daddy’s daughter! 😂😂😂 him to the T”

“😂😂😂 yeooo this my favorite one! I watched this video like a thousand times when it came out. Your daddy is the funniest man ever 😩”

“Dawg this girl is a star 😂 yessss mini Wayne! Same exact faces. Twins”

“Chillleeee somebody go give Nae some company 😂. If this is not him same faces in all 😭😭😭”

“You are your father’s child lmao The evil grin on ‘ I don’t have to elaborate’ sent me 😩😂😂. 😂 Wayne is dat you ?”

“I still love Wayne. Til this day ion care I love him 😍 Best Wayne interview EVER 😭😭😭😂”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter and Lil Wayne at his 36th birthday party and “Carter V” release at HUBBLE on Sept. 28, 2018, in Los Angeles. (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Young Money Records)

Carter is Lil Wayne’s firstborn among his four children.

The father-daughter duo share an extremely close relationship. Wayne even put her on his 2018 “The Carter V” album.

Carter told Page Six in October 2018 that that was huge gift from her dad. “That was really big because I’ve been wanting to do a song with my father for so long. … I’ve always said that to him, so for him to put ‘Famous’ on the album and it get such a good outlook like everybody loved it on the Billboard charts, that really just made my whole entire life.”

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