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‘You Go Girl’: Draya Michele Stuns in Purple Photos on Instagram

Draya Michele brought out the purple on Instagram, much to her fans’ delight.

Starting on Thursday, April 2, the former “Basketball Wives LA” reality star began posting photos that showed her wearing purple in front of a purple background.

@drayamichele Instagram

Michele’s most recent shot of the series came Saturday, April 4 and it shows her topless and in a short purple skirt. Michele uses her hands and arms in the photo to cover her chest.

“NoT ToDĀY SAtAN 😈,” she captioned the image.

The shot was a big hit with Michele’s fans, who let her know that she nailed it with the photos, as well as the color scheme. There were also comments of a more personal and direct nature.

“I’m loving you in this purple 🔥,” read one of the comments.

“You go girl! in my Martin voice,” another person told Michele.

“Draya please stop playin wit me and let’s make this a physical thang,” a third comment read.

“Please stop stepping on our necks 💜💜,” wrote another follower.

@drayamichele Instagram

In addition, there were requests for Michele to move her hands and comments with words such as “fire,” “fine” and “stunning” included.

In one of the other purple photos, Michele can be seen sitting down wearing a purple top and shiny lavender pants.

The third pic shows her in a short purple dress and heels, which sparked plenty of comments about her legs since they’re exposed.

“Wooooow honey I love your Gorgeous Legs,” one of Michele’s followers let her know.

Another person posted emojis and just wrote the word “Legs🔥🔥🔥🔥😍.”

On top of that, there was one guy who said he loved the purple on Michele, but wants to see her in a dress of another color.

“Meet me at the altar in your white dress!!” that person wrote.

@drayamichele Instagram

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