‘We Are Dope Boy Legacies’: Rappers T.I. and Killer Mike Discuss Their Ambitions and Why Helping the Youth in Black Communities Is so Important

Rapper T.I. is back at it again with his “ExpediTIously” podcast, this time where he and fellow rapper Killer Mike discuss building legacy and giving roses to those who poured into the two of them during their youth.

The “T.I. and Tiny:” Friends and Family Hustle” star stated the visual episode is a “MUST WATCH,” as the business partners put every topic on the table, from music, politics, education to dope boy legacies.

Rappers T.I. and Killer Mike chop it up about giving hustlas’ their flowers while they are alive. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

In a teaser for the episode, Killer Mike, who is known for being outspoken when it comes to social issues impacting the Black community, had a lot to say about the idea of giving people their roses.

“We are dope boy legacies. There are men of the streets that gave us some love. Part of what our passion for helping kids, for helping Douglass High, for helping our communities or Bankhead, part of that passion comes from it was people that invested in us who was street people. I want for, before I die, for them to get their roses. I want people who were here, who invested in people like us to get their roses too. It’s a lot of dudes out there who put a dollar in a kid’s pocket just buying a water today that’s gon’ make sure those kids never get into robbin’, stealin’ and killin’.”

Agreeing with the message, people shared their thoughts on seeing the two men share a platform together.

“BLACK POWER” and “ATL legends🔥💯” wrote some fans.

“Thx we need this right now‼️🙏🏿 protect you both at all cost💯💯💯,” commented another person.

“Respect the hell out of that keep that movement up”

“Killer Mike always dropping knowledge”

A year ago the rappers came together to purchase a now-shuttered northwest Atlanta staple, Bankhead Seafood. They plan to have the restaurant up and running again in February 2021.

“We grew up seeing black ownership in our community, and we felt like if the city was going to develop, we should have some ownership stake,” said Killer Mike of the joint venture.

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